Isn’t this flipping hypocritical — Top Obama aide rebukes China, Russia over rights

Look what’s coming from the world’s mess maker. America has waged illegal unjust wars destroying nations like Libya, Iraq, Syria, & others ..leaving millions dead, poverty stricken and destitute. She has secret torture sites around the world. 
   She is actively waging more wars and stomping on international law as though she is the exception. She is occupying over 150 nations around the globe with thousands of bases. She stands on the neck of her ex-slaves, whom she has an army of in her imperial armed services, while refusing to recognize them as human beings and equal members of her own society. 
  She is bombing nations daily. She bombs Afghanistan, Pakistan, causes false flag terror in Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon, yet she has the audacity to call out others about human rights violations. This only shows that she is the supreme hypocrites of the nations, and the countries around the world have taken notice.

A top aide to President Barack Obama rebuked rivals China and Russia over human rights Wednesday but admitted “painful” tradeoffs were sometimes necessary to ensure US security. National Security Advisor Susan Rice argued in a major speech that balancing…

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