Washington’s fleeting Latin America pivot

I bet you a bill that you aren’t laughing at Elijah Muhammad anymore. Any of you that may have just a little bit of sense and recognize what is going on globally, can see that every word that that man spoke, especially on the situation now facing American, when concerning Central & South America, is coming true to the very letter and spirit.
She is losing world friendship. She is losing both her economic and political influence. Her sway is being beat back those nations who have grown tired of her arrogant imperial ways.
  No more! They want little to nothing to do with you. You would have never thought that this would happen to a power that once openly declared the Western Hemisphere to be under its total command and jurisdiction.
  Because of her mistreatment of you and I, She is suffering rejection and isolation…” have been writing for many years that America must be punished for her evil done to her Black once-slaves, who are so-called free-slaves now, and who continue to suffer the same, or worse, punishment under the children of the white slave master, than their white fathers imposed upon our Black fathers under servitude-slavery. America has not only lost and is still losing friendship all over Asia and Africa,…but she is now losing friendship right here with her next-door neighbors, Central and South America.”–pg.108(tfoa)

Washington’s fleeting Latin America pivot (via GlobalPost)

Enlarge MEXICO CITY — Secretary of State John Kerry took a breather this month from attempting to untangle the Israeli-Palestinian knot and keep nukes from Iranian hands to assure Latin Americans that the United States will no longer try dictating…

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