Messenger Elijah Muhammad guarantees assured salvation, but how do we obtain and secure that which he offers to us?

no power of myself

(By Messenger Elijah Muhammad)

Believing in what I believe in and believing in the one who give it to me and believing in what I advise you to do and that it is right and nothing but right. And obey me and then obey him whom I teach you that has taught me–to be God Himself. You follow me in that and carry into principles the practice of the other good teachings, I will assure you the kingdom of heaven…if you do that. Anyone man– or woman– that will believe in what I teach, and carry it into practice, I will assure them the kingdom of heaven, the Hereafter. I will assure them that they will have no fear, nor will they grieve. If you begin to believe in what I teach you and follow me you will have no more fear.. you won’t have no more grief. Grief is a pain as bad as a cancer. Many people die with grief… it’s a bad ol’ thing if it gets a hold to you.

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