NASA’s Voyager first spacecraft to exit solar system…What does this signify?

Let us remember why all of these scientific achievements are taking place at this time. He, Allah wants them to know that… “In their travel and investigation into space, Allah, (God), is permitting them to peep into His great, unequaled creation of power and might the heavens and earth. The Holy Qur’an, teaches that when Allah (God) gets ready to destroy a people He opens the doors of heaven to them. He gives them a peep into His great wisdom and secrets. But this does not mean that this adds power to the enemy to be able to war against the Creator. The reason for all of this is due to the fact that Allah (God) is setting up a kingdom of righteousness, freedom, justice and equality.”–pg.231(tfoa)NASA’s Voyager first spacecraft to exit solar system (via AFP)

Never before has a human-built spacecraft traveled so far. NASA’s Voyager 1 probe has left the solar system and is wandering the galaxy, US scientists said Thursday. The spacecraft, which looks like a combination of a satellite dish and an old television…

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