Water Discovered on Moon’s Surface Points to Water Within, Yeah right!

          My beloved, don’t believe the hype. The devil wants you to believe that the moon has water. Let us use common sense. If there was water their, then why is there no atmosphere? Why is the surface covered with radioactive grains of sand and dust?
  We know that such a planet with water would produce an atmosphere. It would also prevent the surface of the moon from looking and being so scorched and dry.
   Concerning this, Elijah Muhammad writes…”The baby that went to the moon wants to write something different than the truth of Allah(God) concerning the moon.”–pg.(The Flag Of Islam)
  You may ask…well, can there be water up their on the moon? The devil said so!
  I say to you exactly what is conveyed to us in these words…”There is no water on it, unless it’s somewhere in the heart of it in a rock”–pg.30(When worlds collide)
  So the devil is right by saying some water may be present deep in the moons interior, but he is wrong is trying to make you believe that their lies oceans beneath its surface.

WASHINGTON, DC, August 28, 2013 (ENS) – For the first time from lunar orbit, scientists have detected “magmatic water,” which originates from deep within the Moon’s interior, on the surface of the Moon, reports the National Atmospheric and Space…

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