Bro. Ameer’s quote of the day!!!

“Blessed are those who forge first to bring the way for others.”

are you ready to be a leader?

Messenger Elijah Muhammad teaches that Allah (God) came to take His people, the black man and woman of America, and restore them to the status of rulers of the universe. In order for  this goal to be accomplished many sacrifices must be made. Allah who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad paid his sacrifice for his Messenger. Then His Messenger was sent to us the so called American negro to pay a sacrifice for his people which he  paid in full!  Messenger Elijah Muhammad is the perfect example of a true leader who didnt just talk about what he wanted to do, but went to work in order to show and prove that which He set out to achieve. He sacrificed himself and his family to bring the way for us.

Master Fard Muhammad came to make the black man and woman Gods. Let us take a step back for a second and ask ourselves, “Are we ready to be Gods?” “Are we ready to be leaders of the globe” “Have we who call our selves righteous Muslims been living up to what it means to be a righteous Muslim?” Messenger Elijah Muhammad teaches us that the golden rule of righteousness is “To do unto others as you would have them do unto you, especially when it comes to dealing with your own people who have already been super abused and misused by their enemy the devil.”

Messenger Elijah Muhammad says Christians say and do nothing! We!!! We who? Followers of Messenger Elijah Muhammad talk and we work. We work to accomplish that which we are trying to achieve. The Messenger says to his people, ” I want you to love black. Honor Black. Respect Black. Uplift Black. Be good to black. Don’t treat black like the white man treats black. The slave loves the slave master because the slave master gives him nothing. but thats ok because we know nature didn’t put give to slave in the slave masters heart. It is our job to give mentally and physically all we can to our fellow black people in the hells of North America, especially followers of The Messenger.

In Elijah Muhammad’s camp their is no such thing as big I’s and little U’s. The Messenger said it takes money to build. We will never get any where or accomplish anything trying to invest everything we have in our personal gains and individual endeavors. If we want to make it to the hereafter with must give up these worldly things of the devils world that we hold dear to us. A sacrifice is something that you will miss. If you give something you wont miss its not a sacrifice. Ive heard many so called Muslims talk about good plans that would aid in the liberation of 40 to 68 million black people. Then when Allah blesses them with the means to do so all those plans fly out the window and instead materializing on that plan of  doing something for our people we go and make investments in the devils falling world. Elijah asked the question, ” What are you looking for in a world that God has declared with a oath that he would destroy” How is it that we have disposable income when it comes to something of the devil, but when we see our people in need, “We aint got it! or I can’t help you brother!” This is what NIGGAS do and NIGGAS aint goin no where. You think you gon see the hereafter acting like this? No wonder Elijah said “I dont wanna live with NIGGAS either!!! NIGGAS cant take care of NIGGAS!!!” If we are not taking care of those who we lay claim to that makes us NIGGAS and NIGGAS aint goin nowhere! And we say we are going to be the next rulers!…. How foolish we are. Our blessings in this life serve as a test of how sincere we are in claiming to be a follower of Messenger Elijah Muhammad, because all of Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s blessings went towards the benefit of his people. Allah hates stingy people and Elijah teaches us that God will never increase you with any progress being stingy with your people. A lot of us are selfish people and don’t know it. If we asked everybody we know believer and disbeliever if we were loving and always giving to help our people or are we stingy people who are always looking to take from others, would they call us givers or takers?

Elijah was a giver and everybody affiliated or associated with him including myself would bear him witness to that being a fact. The Devil is a taker. If Messenger Elijah Muhammad is a life giver who spends his life giving, and the devil is a life taker who spends his life taking, the only question left to ask is, “Does our work correspond to Elijah’s work, or the devils work? ”

As Salaam Alaikum!!!

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