Humanity ‘threatened’ by America


   Humanity ‘threatened’ by America

An American author and activist says “humanity literally is threatened as long as America has things its way,” referring to Washington’s foreign policy which he believes would fuel the political crisis in Egypt.

The Obama administration’s announced policy of “neutrality” in Egypt’s crisis “shows what the US agenda really is,” said Stephen Lendman.
“They simply don’t care. They want unchallenged control. The want control of the region of course, the oil rich region.”
Hundreds of people have been killed in clashes across Egypt since Wednesday, when security forces raided two camps filled with supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.
“Washington doesn’t really care about how many Egyptians die,” Lendman said. “America literally plotted with Egypt’s military, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, to oust Morsi,” he added.
US President Barack Obama, who has not yet called the ouster of Morsi a coup, condemned Egypt’s military-led interim government on Thursday, saying that the US was canceling a planned joint military exercise in protest over the bloody clashes.
Earlier the New York Times said that Washington is now concerned it might lose “an eager ally” that has been facilitating US military operations in the region.
The US gives $1.5 billion in military and economic assistance to Egypt every year making the North African nation the second largest recipient of US aid after Israel.


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