More trouble is brewing for the American economy: Cisco to Layoff 4,000 Workers

  The much touted economic recovery in America and globally, has fizzled and failed. We see mounting unemployment. We see growing homelessness and job insecurity. We see more people needing food stipends and food aid. We see a housing bubble bursting once again.
Where is that so-called economic recovery for the masses? Where is that so-called economic relief and peace promised? They are nowhere to be found.
  More trouble is brewing. Don’t think that your ex-slavemasters will be able to come to your aid. No sir and no ma’am! This is the day wherein judgment and justice is being exacted on the rich and the poor.
  They are showing you that they can’t help even themselves, much less you. They are telling you that they are not able to ward off this new threat that is destroying their republic. Wake up before it is too late.
   You should know that…” Black Brother, do not look for a high paying job drawing a big roll of money, after the war, unless with the help of Allah (God), you prepare this for yourself, which I advise you to do. The most dreadful divine judgments that have ever been witnessed by man are now coming on America. America is the divine target because she could have bettered herself in the divine eyes of Allah (God), Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever. But America did not and will not better herself, as it is written and prophesied, concerning Ancient Babylon and Egypt. “We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed:…” Bible, Je. 51:9, (because she was not willing to do justice by her captive Jews from Jerusalem).

 So it was with Pharaoh when Allah (Jehovah) went after Egypt, (Bible ex.). “–pg.232(tfoa)

Cisco to Layoff 4,000 Workers (via Dice News in Tech)

Cisco is cutting 4,000 workers from its payroll, beginning this quarter, the networking giant announced Wednesday. The cuts amount to 5 percent of its workforce. The layoffs come as Cisco anticipates a rocky economic environment and seeks to ensure…

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