Pakistan’s Navy Test-Fires Domestically Made Cruise Missiles

Pakistan Navy ship

Pakistan’s Navy Test-Fires Domestically Made Cruise Missiles


The Pakistani Navy recently test-fired a domestically produced anti-ship cruise missile as Islamabad seeks to become more self-reliant in the defense industry.

The PNS Himmat, a fast attack craft, conducted live-fire trials of the Harbah Naval Cruise Missile, Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations announced January 3.

The new munition “is a surface-to-surface anti-ship missile with land-attack capability,” ISPR said, noting that “the missile accurately hit its target, signifying the impressive capabilities of the Harbah Naval Weapon System.”

Adm. Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, chief of staff for the Pakistani Navy, was present to observe the test from a nearby ship, the PNS Alamgir.

“The successful live weapon firing has once again demonstrated the credible fire power of the Pakistan Navy and the impeccable level of indigenization in hi-tech weaponry achieved by Pakistan’s defense industry,” the ISPR announcement said.

Following the test, Abbasi “emphasized the need to capitalize on indigenous defense capabilities and reduce reliance on foreign countries,” ISPR noted. Last week, US President Donald Trump moved to end security assistance to Pakistan, calling the cuts retribution for Islamabad’s harboring terrorists.

According to the Diplomat, the Harbah missile system is likely to become operational onboard the PNS Azmat and PNS Deshat, two fellow Azmat-class fast attack vessels.

The Pakistani Ministry of Defense began developing the missile in 2014, the Diplomat noted, adding that the government targeted a program completion date of October 2018.

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