” The great commotion of the government and people of America; the civil unrest, insurrection, mental excitement, and noise confusion — there is no action that is being taken, nor can there by any action taken, that would bring the people to a better condition of civil action.”–pg.219(THE FALL OF AMERICA)

” The great commotion today is witnessed by the nations of the earth, for it is America whom Allah (God) is after for her mistreatment of the poor so-called Negro (lost-found original Black members of their nation). America mistreated and killed her Black once-slaves for sport, but America’s day is drawing to a close and she will not have the freedom to mistreat the Black once-slave, much longer. As the mistreatment of the Egyptians practiced against Israel came to an end, so will the mistreatment of the Black slave by white America come to an end.”—pg.219(THE FALL OF AMERICA)

” The great commotion will continue in America until this commotion has destroyed the power of opposition.”—pg.220(THE FALL OF AMERICA)…….NOW WE SEE THIS:

” Rating Cut by Fitch on Wealthiest U.S. State

Connecticut is preparing to borrow $956 million to close a budget gap in the fiscal year beginning July 1, after borrowing money last year to cover a deficit of $947.6 million. Not good. Fitch has reduced the states credit rating from AA+ to AA.

“The downgrade reflects the state’s reduced financial flexibility, illustrated by its reliance on sizable debt issuances during the current biennium to close operating gaps in the context of already high liabilities,” Fitch said.

Connecticut is the wealthiest state on a per capita basis with personal income of $54,397 in 2009, according to Department of Commerce.”

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