Which One Will Survive The War?

By  Ahmed K. El-Shabazz


The above question should be on the mind of everyone today, as we see a world that is fast falling apart. This question was asked by the Great Mahdi Muhammad(Master W. Fard Muhammad) to the Lost and Found Black Nation in North America. The Messenger Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) wrote, ” This question is to show the answer that he[ the Black man] fully agrees that the Sun, Moon, and Stars will survive the Cross, or the flag of America known as the Stars and Strips. Everyone who is asked this question answers that THE CRESCENT WILL SURVIVE America’s flag and emblem of Christianity, which is the Cross.  A FOOL KNOWS THAT THE SUN, MOON, AND STARS WILL SURVIVE ANY NATION.” This is true, history has shown that ALL Great and mighty nations raise and fall, so what makes you think America will be any different from the Nations of the past? America’s own scientist are NOW saying what we, the Nation Of Islam, have been teaching our Black people for 80 years, that America will fall just like Rome and other wicked nations, who dared to fight against ALLAH.

The above picture was once seen in every Temple and Mosques in America that was under the leadership of The Messenger Elijah Muhammad and his followers. This picture speaks volumes, and anyone who truly understands what they are seeing knows it is the truth. On one side you find the American Flag and the word “Christianity”. What does this flag mean, that is to say, what is the science behind the symbols on the American flag? What is Christianity? America’s flag and colors shows the union of the Masons of France and America. It was the England, France and America that killed Hiram{ the Black Nation} and buried him in a shallow grave in the North-west corner.These 3 Juews or Masonic ruled nations, according to history played a major role in the enslavement and murder of 200 to 600 million Black People during and after the international slave trade from 1555-1865! This American flag is not a “Christian Flag” as America is not, nor every will be a Christian nation(NOT IN THE TRUE MEANING OF THE WORD, WHICH MEANS UNITED WITH GOD)! She has always been a Masonic Republic! She, America will say that the 6 white strips stands for purity, the 7 red strips stand for valor, and the blue stands for justice. The Messenger Elijah Muhammad stated that this flag was designed by an Original Black man, and history states the same, but the colors have another meaning other that those stated by the Masons. We know Blue is an untrue color, and history has shown that the Black and Red Nation NEVER has been treated with Justice in America under her flag, so the blue shows that no true justice for non-whites. The 7 red strips gives you the time in which this world will end, the 7th thousand year after the 6,000 years rule of the so-called white or Adamic race. We also see that America has 50 5 pointed stars on her flag. The 5 pointed star symbolized the “5 points of fellowship”. The Black and Red man was never shown true fellowship here in America. But, this star also stands for Justice and the Black Nation and the Red Nation will soon have Justice, now that we are in the early days of the Coming world of ALLAH. This Man, the white race was give 6 days to rule, but on the 7th day he must rest.

Looking to the above picture we also see that under the American Flag and the Cross are the words suffering, shame and death. And a Black man in shown being lynched from a tree. The cross is the symbol of the Greco-Roman masonic religion called Christianity. There is too much history that has been written concerning the origin of what the western world calls Christianity, for someone to deny it’s Masonic Origin. Jesus or Isa(pbuh) never taught “Christianity” , nor was he a Mason, he was, as all the other Prophets of ALLAH, a Muslim. The Pope knows this, ask him and the other leaders of the Vatican to show you the Chair of St. Peter. The French, under Napoleon

http://spinellimd.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/napoleon.jpg?resize=333%2C566 took Rome, and found the Chair of St. Peter, Mr. Godfrey Higgins wrote, ” When the wicked French got possession of Rome, they did not fail to examine this celebrated relic, and lo! In addition to the labours of Hercules, they discovered engraved upon it, in Arabic letters, the Mohamedan Confession of Faith” ( Anacalypsis, 1833). The Muslim or as Mr. Higgins called it, the Mohamedan  confession of the faith is

أشهد لا إله إلا الله

” ASHADU-AN-LA-ILLAHA-ILLA-ALLAH ”  or ” I BEAR WITNESS THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH ” .History will show you that the Black people of America , up to today, has gotten nothing but suffering, shame and death. The Cross is the symbol of the Devil and Satan, and can be found in the Bible’s Book of Job and the Holy Qur’an’s Chapter 7:17. This symbol is a sign of the movements of the Devil, ” going to and fro and up and down in the earth”, laying in the path of ALLAH, coming upon MAN(the Black Nations) from the left and the right, from before and behind. Here Satan is telling you that he will come upon Man 360 degress, a universal plot to kill and destroy the Original Black man. The Devil fights God trough His people! And just like Jesus, the Black man was crucified 2 times. Meaning this, the man on a cross and the cross equals 720 degrees(360+360=720), so not only was the Black man killed on the physical level, we where also killed on the mental level! There are 4 Jesus’ in the Bible and the Black Man of America is one of them.

https://i2.wp.com/www.bahamaspress.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/300px-lynching-of-lige-daniels.jpgNow, on the other side of the above 1st  picture is the NATIONAL OF ISLAM

The Sun, Moon, and Star or Freedom, Justice and Equality. This is the Black Nation’s Flag our symbol, and we did enjoy the above meaning of our flag before going into slavery under the White masons(Christian, Jew, Arab-Sufi, etc.) The red stands for the Sun or Freedom. The Sun is the Father of what we call ” The Big Ten”, a ball of fire that is 853,00 miles in diameter. The Sun spins in it’s own orbit, yet causes the other 9 planets to spin at 1,037 1/3 miles per hour as they travel around the Sun! The Sun gives life to Man and shine light after darkness. The Moon stand for Equality, and is a witness bearer to the light of the Sun. The Moon gives light in the darkness, as ALLAH is Merciful and didnot wants us in total darkness. The Star stand for Justice, the true five points of fellowship, and speaks to the wisdom of ALLAH. There are 5 points on our star, and between each point is 72 degrees, which equal 360 degrees of wisdom of ALLAH and the Original Black Nation of Asia(Earth).

As we see the Fall of America it would be wise for the Black man to re-claim his own and be himself. America will soon be no more, and will not win this war. Her actions are causing the Nation of the Earth to reject her, for they see the POWER of ALLAH moving upon America to bring her to her knees. So be wise, because even fools can see that Islam will win the Last war!


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