" Self First "


TAKEN FROM: ” The Fall of America

Chapter 3;

                                                  ” Self First “

  “Self First.” We, the Black people in America, do not think for self first. Failing to think for self first is the greatest mistake we the poor Black people who are up from servitude slavery of the fathers can make. But for the slave masters children our failure to think for self first is wiser than anything their fathers could hardly dream of in their day and time!

   Self first.  In over one hundred years, we the Black people have not learned to think for self first. This is due to the fact that we try to think something for the benefit of the slave master; something to make him smile at the freed Black slave! Trying to win the love of the white slave master has been our (the Black People’s) greatest mistake. Now, it has become our gravest mistake. To have love for them (white race) means the fire of hell that God has heated, is being heated up for both, you who love the devil, and the devil too! Do not blame the white slave master for your love and desire for them above your love and desire for Allah (God), who loves you while the white slave master (devil) does not love you. The devil’s nature will not let him love you! The white slave master is so full of deceit that he can deceive you and all others, the Bible teaches us. The Holy Qur’an refers to the white slave master, the devil, as “the arch deceiver. “As a deceiver, the devil has no equal; he is the professional, the wisest of all deceivers. So from the slave master’s preacher making parents up to today, he is the professional and wisest deceiver of all of the civilizations of the earth, and he has deceived all of the civilizations of the earth.

  The Bible teaches you that “he deceived the whole world.” The white slave master, the devil, did not deceive us the Black people in America, alone. He has deceived every human being.  Well, except the angels of heaven. The arch-deceiver, the white man, has deceived the “reverends” that he has made and this is why they will not accept Islam; they would rather go to hell with the white slave master, devil, if the devil will just honor them as a “reverend” that the devil has made. In the Bible, John in The Revelation, sees the preachers and his followers burning in hell fire with the devil, the white slave masters. I do not care how much you teach or tell the “reverend” that he is headed for hell in following the white slave-master, devil; they ignore the warning for the sake of the honor of the white slave master. But when you look into it, you will see that the white slave master is not honoring the “reverend;” he is fooling him. The white slave master cares nothing about the “reverend” that he has made, and he thinks that the “reverend” is a fool for following him. It is written in the Bible which teaches the “reverend” against following the devil. The people who work as the devil’s disciples are called “reverend.” The word “reverend” means “to respect” but this is a false honor from the devil and yet the reverend goes still and he will walk right into the lake of hellfire with the devil, as long as the devil calls him “reverend” or “father.”

   Some of the devil’s disciples are called “father ” after the pope, the chief father of Satan’s religion, Christianity. The pope claims in the Bible, that he will sit in the sides of the north and be like the Most High. Isa. 14:13.14. And yet Allah (God) promised to pull him down to hell (Isa. 14:15). And Allah is going to pull him down real fast. The Vatican, the home of the pope, has gotten one of the worst beatings with plagues, snow, ice, and enemies–the worst beatings that you ever could have imagined coming to the head of the church. This shows that Allah (God), the Supreme Being, does not respect Rome and its father whom they call pope. The Vatican, if it were a holy place, we would not expect to suffer the curse of nature. We who live in America live in a cursed country. America is a cursed country. America is a divine place of exile for Allah’s enemies and he promises to use America now for a lake of fire in which to burn all of his enemies. The Indians, the first people who were sent–who migrated to America–the Indians were also the enemies of Allah.

  Self first.  The “reverends” are the enemies of their (our ) own Black People. If the preachers do as the white slave master tells them to do the white slave master kills them as he did Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. But since they are the devil’s disciples, he should kill them if they do not obey him. That is right, if the devil wants to be a god like Allah, for Allah will kill those who do not obey him! So the devil kills those whom he sent and who will not obey him–so look out “reverend!” Be careful “reverend!” The white slave master has proved in our own eyes and hearing by killing Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. who thought he was blessed to go to heaven; but instead he went to hell with his enemies. I do not mean a hell that is in the earth someplace, brother. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. went to hell in the wickedness of his white enemies, trying to satisfy his white enemies. He gets no credit for all of the work that he did for his enemies, and his enemies know that. I dare any one of the Christian theologists to try to prove that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. went anywhere else. Good man that he was, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was deceived and frightened to his very heart by the enemy.

   Self first. Think for self first!! When Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked with me at my home, I saw in him that he wanted to believe me; but, he was so afraid of his enemies. Self first, you cannot serve two masters. I tried my best to put fearlessness in him. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. admitted to me that I am teaching right. He admitted that the white man is the devil, but he was afraid to take a stand and preach that the white man is the devil. The white man had set Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. up with a $50,000 Nobel Peace Prize. For this money the white man desired that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. go to hell with the devil. The devil did take Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to hell. If Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had lasted to this day he would have been in the same corner with me. The devil had Rev. Martin Luther King,Jr. in his power through fear. But good hearted Black Brother, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a good heart but he was yet dead spiritually; yet he was smart enough in his studies to see the truth of what I am saying.

   So I went down to the Coliseum that we had rented for a mass meeting and I told the public what a great time Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I had at my home. I told the public what a great man Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was; and the white enemy showed Rev. Martin Luther King. Jr. what a great man he (Archdeceiver) was and he set Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. up with the prize money. Just as it is written the arch-deceiver is capable of deceiving the whole world, except God’s last Messenger (Lamb), Bible “Revelations”.

   Self first. Let us try and be ourselves first and stop trying to be like the devil. Black man, you are created Black. You, Black man, are the first and the last. Black man stop trying to be white. If you see what Allah (God) has prepared for the white slave master, the devil, you will run from the devil when you get a taste of it. Allah (God) has prepared the fire of hell for them. The Holy Qur’an teaches that the Black man will wish that between him and the devil was the distance between east and west. But you serve the devil; you love him because he has made you to fear him, from the cradle to the grave.

   Wake up and take pride in Black self and come on and follow me. I have the God with me, the God who says that there is no fear for the one who believes in him.Nor shall you grieve.

   Just think of the blessing that is in those two promises; no fear, no grief. I know we have feared and grieved much. So if anybody needs a God to remove fear and grief from him, we are certainly the people. Fear of the devil, the white man, is what keeps us back from enjoying heaven. If we do think to please the devil, we are most certainly members of hell. Day and night they are killing you and each other, of their kind and yet you want to please the devil. You cannot go to heaven pleasing the devil. To go to heaven, you have to please God. You, Black man, are directly from the God of heaven.

  Black man you are created to serve Allah. You were not created to serve the devil. Come and follow me, and there will be no fear for you, nor shall you grieve. We the Muslims fear none but Allah. If anybody needs the fear removed from him, it is the frightened to death Black man in America.    SELF 1ST!!!!!” 

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