Chapter 21

Destruction of America’s Education


 The plague of Allah (God) against the educational system of America is something that the philosophers and scientists should look into, as the destruction of America’s education is the destruction of their wisdom to educate the people.

 There are many who look on the destruction without taking a second thought of the destruction of America’s education. Education is a guide for the people to keep and maintain a civilized life. It is education that civilizes us. Now to see the citizens of America rebelling against the American educational system is something that the wise of the wise should take thought of.

 The American people actually have come to the point where they hate their own educational system. This means that they are now hating and destroying their civilization because it is education that civilizes people.

 The American people no longer want their education and they are destroying the very houses that house their text books of education. They are rebelling against their teachers and then they set their houses on fire – schools, colleges and universities. This means in words, as I have said above, that they are destroying their own civilization.

 The Black people of today who are blindly helping the white people to destroy this civilization are like Samson was in his day and time; he helped to pull the building down, but he was blind to the effect of the destruction of the building. All Samson wanted to do was to get even with his mockers who had put out his eyes and who laughed at him. Samson did not care whether there would be a civilization left behind him or not. He was willing to die, blind to the knowledge of the future of his people and those people he was destroying.

 Throughout America, her colleges, her universities and her teachers are in danger. The students no longer want old world guidance. It is a new world that they want. But in their mad destruction of the old world they do not know how to prepare for a new world civilization. They do not have guidance for a new civilization, and in their madness they refuse to hear a teacher teaching of an educational system of a better civilization…the civilization of the Black man.”

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