Christmas storms wreak havoc across America’s heartland

Times Online
A Christmas blizzard has struck at America’s heartland, killing 18 people and ruining the travel plans of millions who hoped to be with their loved ones for the holiday period.

Flights were grounded, drivers stranded on the motorways and Christmas Eve church services were cancelled, with up to two feet of snow forecast by Christmas Day in some parts.

South Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma declared states of emergency and called up national guard troops to help dig out stranded travellers

“This is a holiday mess,” Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the National Weather Service, said of the second brutal winter blast to hit much of the United States in the past week. “The storm is spanning two thirds of the country.”

Blizzard warnings were issued from North Dakota to Texas, with flood and tornado alerts were issued further south with roads in the state of Alabama underwater and freezing rain and ice storms also threatened the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, the

Six people died on Nebraska roads, including a Christian singer on his way home from a ministry training session and a fire captain. Three people were killed after a dust storm near Phoenix caused a 22-vehicle pileup. Three others were killed on the slippery roads in New Mexico, and one person died in a Minnesota crash, local media reported.

And along the southern US Gulf Coast, a powerful thunderstorm left one Louisiana man dead after a tree fell on his house.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled at airports stretching from Minneapolis to Dallas. It is the second major weather system to sweep the United States in recent days, after a record-breaking snowstorm slammed the eastern seaboard at the weekend. That storm created travel chaos and cut short sales on what were traditionally major shopping days ahead of Christmas.”———————————————————————————————————————————THIS EXCERPT IS TAKEN FROM,”THE FALL OF AMERICA”(CHPT. 34; THE JUDGMENT OF AMERICA)–;

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