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SALAAM—THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE ALL WISE TRUE AND LIVING SUPREME BEING,THE GREAT MAHDI WHO CAME TO US IN THE PERSON OF MASTER W. FARD MUHAMMAD, AND IN THE NAME OF THE PROPHETS TO THE LAST OF THE MESSENGERS, THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD(PBUT)——–To-day the Christians challenge the world of Islam with a book, that many of them are unaware its origin or history. Ask them, who was King James, who wrote the Bible, why was it written, and when was it written? They cannot give you the answers. First, the King James Bible was written in 1610. It was written under the Authority of King James I of England, and as you look it states that it was “translated out of the original tongues”. Yet they donot tell you what was the original tongues were. The original tongue of the ORIGINAL BIBLE(BOOK) was Arabic. Both Bible and the Holy Qur’an was written 25,000 years ago, and are apart of the ORIGINAL BOOK written by ALLAH that covers the history of the earth. Allah writes history before it happen once every 25,000 years. So we are living in the 15,000 year with another 9,000 or so years to go before another cycle of Time is written. King James was appointed as King of England by Queen Elizabeth I, the so-called “Virgin Queen”. Queen Elizabeth wasnot a virgin at all, but had 2 sons out of weddlock. Her 2 sons were Sir Franics Bacon(William Shakespeare) and the other son was the Earl of Essex Robert Devereux. The father of her 2 sons was Mr. Robert Dudley, who met the Queen when both were jailed in the Tower of London. So the appointment of King James, the King of Scotland was done to keep the “Royal Secret” of the so-called “Virgin Queen” having sons out of weddlock. King James was a Stuart who were decendents of Robert Bruce. Robert Bruce was the King who gave the Knights Templars(Freemason) safty after their Grand Master was  burned at the stake by the King of France and the Vatican. The Knights Templars made Robert Bruce their Grand Master and every King of Scotland down to King James became the Grand Master of the Templars. King James the 6th became King James I once he took over England. In 1610 76 years after the Church of England split from the Vatican, King James employed great men of learning to write his Bible, most notably Dr. Robert Fludd the Mystic Rosicrucian(Christian Mason) and the before mentioned Sir. Franics Bacon the son of Elizabeth I. It was Sir Franice Bacon who was the editor of the Bible and who was also a Rosicrucian. According to Mr. Manly P. Hall , Bacon placed in the Bible many  of Rosicrucian symbolism(THE SECRET TEACHING OF ALL AGES). Sir. Franics Bacon wrote plays under the name of William Shakespeare and also wrote a book called the NEW ATLANTIS. Concerning the name Shakespeare, it points to the Goddess Pallas Athena, the Muse of both Bacon and the Freemasons. The statue of Athena is that of a woman wearing a helmet and “shakes her spear at ingnorance” The name Shakespeare came from her as she was called the “spear shaker”, and the name “William” is German for “helmet”. Sir Franics Bacon, as stated before, wrote a book call THE NEW ATLANTIS, which outlined the take over of North America by the Rosicrucians/Freemason or Templars. In 1694 the first Rosicrucian colony from Europe was established in Philadelphia and later in Pennsyvania using Bacon’s plans. The FOUNDING FATHERS OF AMERICA WERE SLAVE HOLDING MYSTICS NOT “CHRISTIANS” AND THE MASONIC BIBLE IS THEIR BOOK!!! Many Black so-called Christians donot know that 80% of the Africans that were brought here by the masons were Muslims. They donot know that King James was a Mason and that he took over the Slave Trade for the Queen ElizabethI as a fight to remove Islam out of the way so that they could rule in a NEW ORDER OF THE AGES (WHITE SUPREMACY). It was Queen Elizabeth I who employed the “Rev.” Sir John Hawkins and his ship named “Jesus”, once England took over the Slave Trade from Spain/Vatican. Spain lead the way in the white/masonic fight aginst the Moors(Black Muslims rulers of Spain and North America for 750 years). Once the Moors and Islam was move out the Europeans Masons were able to go on with their plan, which ended with the enslavement of Muslims and the killing  off of 500 nations of so-called Indians here in North America. THE SO-CALLED KING JAMES BIBLE IS THE MASONIC BIBLE AND THE FREEMASONS DONOT BELIEVE THAT “JESUS” IS DIVINE, THEY KNOW HE WAS A PROPHET OF ALLAH, YET THEY TEACH THAT HE IS COMING BACK. THEY KNOW THAT THE GREAT MAHDI AND THE HON. ELIJAH MUHAMMAD’S TEACHING IS 100% EXACT. THEY KNOW THAT WHEN THE HON. ELIJAH MUHAMMAD STATED IN THE 1950’S THAT JESUS MUMMIFIED BODY IS IN JERUSALEM HE WAS TELLING  THE TRUTH. The Black Christians Preachers, many of whom are masons, teach lies to their own people to make a big name for themselves and for money. Allah asked in the Holy Qu’ran “WILL YOU HIDE THE TRUTH WHILE YOU KNOW?” There is a great day of judgement coming to the ones who hide the truth. WE THE FOLLOWERS OF THE GREAT MAHDI W. FARD MUHAMMAD AND THE HON. ELIJAH MUHAMMAD CAN PROVE THE WE HAVE THE SUPREME WISDOM. WE CHALLENGE ANY AND ALL TO PROVE THAT CHRITIANITY IS THE REAL RELIGION OF ALLAH, THAT JESUS (ISA) TAUGHT IT AND PROVE THE THE BIBLE OF THE MASONS IS FROM GOD. Our people have been lied to too long, to-day is the day of truth for both MAN & MANKIND. ALLAH-U-AKBAR

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