Concerning the Man called "Jesus"

Salaam—–In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful———-” Jesus taught for twenty-two years on the run, until, at last He read and understood that He was too soon: TWO-THOUSAND YEARS TOO SOON”–The Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh), THE TRUE HISTORY OF JESUS——–To this day, the true history of the Man known as “Jesus”, is still being debated. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) taught the world the TRUE HISTORY OF JESUS as taught to him by the GREAT MAHDI-MUHAMMAD(MASTER W. FARD MUHAMMAD),the TRUE SON-OF-MAN. During the time of the Messenger Elijah Muhammad he offered $10,000 for each word that anyone could PROVE was wrong in his teachings. NO ONE COLLECTED, as no one was able to prove him wrong then or now!–What we see to-day are people who just REFUSE to accept the actual facts concerning the historical “Jesus”, due to their own axiomatic assumptions. This is due to most people, Muslims and Christians, etc. , adherence to religious dogma(traditionalism), and just plain laziness. I would like to take my time on this subject, because it is a great one. Jesus whose REAL name was Isa(pbuh) was a Prophet of ALLAH, a Muslim. He wasnot a “Jew”, nor did he teach Christianity, because “Christianity” started 300 years or so AFTER the death of this Great Man, by the Romans!—The Holy Qur’an states that “Mary and Jesus was a SIGN”, this means that his history was a symbol of something or SOMEONE to come.—This what I will try, with the help of ALLAH, to show, that the history of Isa was a sign of a Man and a People. —— In the Bible of King James(Masonic Bible) there are REALLY4 “Jesus”. And WE made the son of Mary and his mother a sign, and WE gave them refuge on a lofty ground having meadows and springs”—Holy Qur’an 23:50——–As we walk through the history of the Man called “Jesus”, let us remember the above verse from the Holy Qur’an. ALLAH fixed the history of the Prophet Isa and his mother as a SIGN of a Great Work that would take place in the Last Days. ALLAH made His LIFE, the life of Isa(pbuh) a Sign or a Symbol to be studied by the Wise.—-Now, before we get way ahead of ourselves, let us look at the name “Jesus”. The name “Jesus” is not an Arabic or Aramaic name. Aramaic was the main lanuguage of the so-called Hebrews(Blacks) before the time of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), when Aramaic was replaced by Arabic (Classical Arabic) as the main lanuguage used in that area of the world. Aramaic is still used by the Arabs of the Christian religion in Syria to this day. Nor, is the name “Jesus” a Hebrew name, Hebrew was also used by the Blacks and others in that time as well. It is said that Hebrew was used in the TEMPLE. The Hebrew lanuguage was used by the Blacks of Egypt, who also used a VERY old form of Arabic. Thoses Black people were also called the Habari, who built a Hebrew Temple in Egypt in the area known as Aswan, on the Island of Elephantine in the middle of the Nile River.—–So, what lanuguage is the name “Jesus”? Well, the name Jesus is a Greek name which means “JUSTICE” OR “THE JUST ONE”. Isa (His REAL name), was an Original Black man, a JUST MAN, as He was a Prophet of ALLAH. The Great Mahdi-Master W. Fard Muhammad,said that Jesus was “Black” and was darker than most of us Black people here in America to-day. Isa’s other name in the Hebrew was “Yahoshua ben Yusef (Joseph)” meaning Yahoshua the son of Joseph. “Yahoshua” means “Saviour” or Just one as well. We must remember that at that time the Romans had control of the Middle East, and that 300 or so years before, the Greeks, under Alexander the Great had took control of “Egypt” or Kem. The Greek name of Jesus came from the Kemit (the true name for Egypt, as the name Egypt is also Greek) name of the GOD “Horus” or Heru. A very careful study of the Egyptian religion, will show that the story of Isis (Aset) and Heru, was later used by the Greeks and the Romans to form what we now call “Christianity”.—–Again, “We made the Son of Mary and His Mother a sign”, a sign of what?—-Let’s see, ” If the Bible students would have taken this 50th verse of the 23rd Chapter of the Holy Qur’an, under study together with the birth, ministry and death of Jesus, as given in the Bible, Matt., Luke and John, they would agree that the man, Jesus, 2000 years ago and his mother were a SIGN OF SOMTHING TO COME.”—-THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD(PBUH), “Our Saviour Has Arrived”, p. 160———Let us continue to look at the REAL history of the Prophet Of ALLAH, whom the world calls “Jesus”. The Messenger Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) wrote the real history of the Man called Jesus as taught to him by the Great Mahdi Himself, Master W. Fard Muhammad in the late 1950’s. No one was able to refute the Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s teachings on this subject or any other subject he taught, in fact the Messenger stated that he would give $10,000 for each word to any person who could prove him wrong. No one did. To-day, since the passing of the Messenger Elijah Muhammad some 34 years ago , there are those who now come with all manner of falsehood aimed at leading our people away from the truth. These false teachers are taking advantage of the younger generations lack of formal education, and the brainwashing of to-days materialist Preachers of so-called Christianity. It is these false teachers who know the truth of “Jesus”, even some so-called Muslims leaders as well are keeping the real story of Jesus away from the masses.—–In the above quote from the Messenger Elijah Muhammad, he stated that Jesus and his mother Mary were a sign of something to come, the Holy Qur’an says the same. So what is the sign? This is the point where we must leave “religion” and move to the subjects of HISTORY and THEOLOGY. We must also bear-in-mind that most of to-days Preachers, Ministers, Rabbis and Imams arenot what they appear to be, they are members of Masonic Organizations.—Now, let go to the root of what we call “Christianity”, a religion that the main character, “Jesus”, never taught nor heard of. History puts the beginning of Christianity 300 years AFTER the death of Jesus(Isa), a religion began by the Romans. It was the white race (Romans) who were the number one killers of the followers of Isa (Jesus) for 300 years after Isa was put to death. History shows us that this religion called Chritianity is based on the Greeks who invaded Egypt, and formed a new religion BASED on the Egyptian religion of Isis(Aset) and Horus(Heru), as stated before.–In the Egyptian Book Of The Dead(the Book Of the Resurrection) it speaks of a God King named Osiris(Ausar) being killed by his evil brother Seth, who has the body of Osiris cut up and hidden all over Egypt. Once Isis found out that her husband had been killed , she looked for Osiris’ body parts, which she found, except the phallus, which Isis made of gold. Isis, who had the Power Of The Word ,spoke, and the body of Osiris came to life, where upon Isis became impregnated. This is where the Christians concept of the “Immaculate Conception” came from. Isis then gives birth to Horus, who is called the “Son-Of-God” and is born on the 25th of December! Sound familar?—– The Greeks under Ptolemy I, the successor of the homosexual Greek invader, Alexander The Great. The Greeks invaded Kem or Egypt in 332 B.C. It was Ptolemy I who formed a new religion, re-placing the Black-God Osiris with the image of himself(White), and calling this new white-god “Serapis”, which is the image the Christians use as Jesus. Paul or Saul, a Roman subject, a Jew(whiteman) from to-days Turkey, was the one who RESURRECTED THE OLD GREEK SERPIS CULT,a cult that was around 300 years before Jesus(Isa), placing the name of “Jesus” on it, and mixing into this cult SOME of the teachings of Isa.—This is well known to the rulers of the west, and the Black and White Christians(Freemason) Preachers of America and Europe! Sir E.A. Wallis Budge wrote in THE GODS OF EGYPT, “…if the parallels between the mythological history of Isis and Horus and the history of Mary and the Child be considered,it is difficult to see how[Europeans] could possibly avoid percei
ving in the teaching of Christianity refections of the best and most spiritual doctrines of the Egyptian religion.” This Greek cult, based on Black Egyptian Theology is the root of the Pauline Doctrine. It was Paul who taught of a Resurrected Christ, and this Afrikan Holy Royal Family of Ausar(Osiris), Aset(Isis) and Heru(Horus) whom White Chritianity is base, became known as “THE FATHER , THE SON, AND THE HOLY GHOST”—-The over-all sign of Mary and Jesus is this, Mary, who stands for womanhood or civilized society, and Jesus stands for Justice, sign of a Nation(sign of the Woman) would give birth to a Just Ruler(ALLAH-IN-PERSON OR THE MAHDI). Jesus rising from the dead AFTER 3 DAYS, means that JUSTICE WOULD RISE UP FROM A DEAD NATION OF PEOPLE. Reading the story of Isis and Horus, we find that Horus took revenge on Seth for the murder of the God-King Osiris, the same as the Christ(Crusher Of the Wicked) or the Great Mahdi will take revenge on the Children of Yakub(White-race) for murder of the Original Black Nation———ALLAH-U-AKBAR

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