—–“AMERICA AND RUSSIA ARE VERY CLOSE TO WAR.I MEAN THE SLIGHTEST FRICTION COULD SET IT OFF(AND THAT MEANS THE MOTHERSHIP AND HER SCIENTISTS GOING INTO ACTION).MESSENGER MUHAMMAD FORETOLD THESE THINGS. HIS WORDS ON THIS SUBJECT IS AS SUCH:” They (the white man) wish that they could make the Moon a resting place to shoot their arrows at God and His people if they attack the Earth. They talk about a way – station. Russia and America are after each other under their skin. Russia is pretty smart. America is as smart. We like them both smart like that. Russia goes and saddles the space right around the earth to watch America! That is who she is watching. America wants to watch God because she knows that Daniel said she would be the One that God would get first. She knows the Revelator, John, said that she would be the first that God would destroy. The Fat Beast that everybody is frightened of, kill him first, because He has killed my people! I must tell you the Truth! The time is here! It is written, but you didn’t understand it. I saw the Beast take him. (Think over these prophesies) and the false prophets with it. I saw that Fourth and dreadful Beast that rose up on the sea and land. I saw him take him. Both prophets bear witness. He was taken, and his body was given to the burning flames. That is the prophesy of Daniel. And I saw behind this Beast the Ages of days sinning. Think that over. The color of his head was white as snow; kinky likes lamb’s wool. The color of his hair shows how ageable he is. Think it over. He is an old, gray-headed man – been here a long time! Think it over. His hair is not wooly, but it is not animal-like; it is curly hair, it balls up and twists up. Who is he? Daniel says, “He is the Ancient of Days?” “He is the First. I can’t count His Days. I don’t know the number of the years, but as He was of Ages’ Time. He is coming in after this one. Praises are due to Allah!”

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