The whole Western world is under Chastisement…Storms batter Britain, France, disrupting travel, power

     Have you noticed that the white Western nations who are hell bent upon stopping the rise of Africa through division, threats, bribes, occupation, and wars are all being hit with unusual weather? Have you noticed that the lead nations in the wars against Black unity are all getting hit harder than elsewhere causing delays and stoppage in travel and causing more destruction while piling up more bills that they can’t pay?
  This will get worse. The whole world of the white man is seeing nature being turned against them to force them into prostration. Their world is now engulfed with judgment.
   …”There is much prophecy concerning the terribleness of the judgment of the wicked.  The power that is in the water is in the Hand of Allah (God) to use it against whom He pleases. The earth, wind, rain, snow and ice and earthquakes are controlled by Allah (God).

  It is a fearful sight to see the Display of His Power with the forces of nature bowing and submitting to His Will. I should warn you that this is now coming into action against the Western world. “–pgs.212 & 213(tfoa)

Storms batter Britain, France, disrupting travel, power (via AFP)

Gale-force winds and pounding rain Tuesday lashed Britain and France, killing at least five people, disrupting Christmas travel and leaving tens of thousands without power. In Britain, three people died in pre-Christmas storms, including a man in Devon…

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