Under the guise of peace-making & stopping the bloodshed, France says other European nations to deploy troops to C. Africa

  Masking anglo plans for recolonizing the African continent, France gets its wicked European brothers to join in under the guise of humanitarian & peace and stability. They are the ones who instigated the strife, who armed the warring faction, and manipulated the people to fight one another in an effort to try to justify their plans of trying to hold on to their former colonies.
   I’ll tell you this. It will not be successful in the end. The reason for the fighting in the first place is because black Africa is rising and will no longer accept your domination over their nation and affairs.
    We know you M.O.. This what is written of both you and your brothers…” He is willing to shed the blood of his own people and that of others to hold onto that which he calls his legal possessions the spirit aroused in the Black man says, “NO” — that the continent and what is on and under its surface belongs to him and his people (Black nation). This spirit and knowledge is now not only confined to Africa and Asia, the Black, brown, and yellow people, but it actually is now arising in the American so-called Negro, the true lost and found brother of the Black man throughout the earth — whether it be Africa or Asia, he is the brother of them all.  It is the desire of the white race to continue to hold power and authority over Black Africa, whether it is in Rhodesia or elsewhere. They will just have to give it up. England, Germany, Italy and France — especially England, France and skeleton Germany — seem to be the die-hards.

  The white men in Rhodesia would be acting wisely if they would realize that one day, sooner or later, they must pack up and leave.

France says other European nations to deploy troops to C. Africa (via AFP)

France on Tuesday said other European nations would send troops to the Central African Republic to prop up a military force on the ground attempting to disarm militias dispensing deadly violence. The United Nations says some 210,000 people have been…

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