The treasures of snow & ice are being let loose — Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow: U.S. Sets Benchmark

      God is after America. He is setting judgment in her lands which is causing the reserves of snow and ice to be let loose. The Bible tells us that the God in the last days would use nature as weapon of war against the wicked. 
  “He goes and prepares to get that land and take it. He’s after the country. He’s so powerful and well able to make war with the enemy and overcome him. He sets the clouds against him. He sets the wind against him. He sets the snow against him. He sets the ice against him.”–pg.197(ttot)
   Look at how He is whipping America. They cannot do anything in defense.

By Andrew Freedman Follow @afreedma Bitter cold and snow and ice storms have been the mantra for December across much of the U.S. And in fact, the country has seen a larger snowpack this month than at any point in the past decade. According to the National…

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