The US Is Exporting Its Extreme Inequality Abroad

  “There is no doubt in anyone’s mind today that the condition of the nations is such that needs a ruler who is not involved in the present world of corruption to bring about peace and good will among the people of the earth. There cannot be peace for their lovers who seek after peace until the peace breakers have been removed from authority and their activities of mischief making, causing bloodshed, grief, sorrow and trouble among peace-loving nations(is removed).”pg.265(m.t.t.b.m.)
The US Is Exporting Its Extreme Inequality Abroad (via Moyers & Company)

In American lore, the United States is the City on the Hill, a beacon of freedom and democracy that sheds its light into every shadowy corner on Earth. But according to a report last week by Eduardo Porter in The New York Times, there’s a darker…

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