Bro. Ameer’s “QUOTE” of the day!!!!!!! “Make America know her sins”

old hell

In 1942 Elijah Muhammad colorfully described the American flag as follows:

The flag you see here is the flag of the white devil. The white that you see, and notice that you don’t see any black any where on it, represents the white race; the red represents the blood that they lose. Keeping it for the white devil alone, the blue background, the white stars represent justice to the whites, not the red men or the black men but only for the white devils.


Of all the governments of the world there never existed one so wicked as America, which has misled the holy People of Allah, and deceived them into worshiping a God that they cannot see, nor hear, that is a God which does not exist.


For this cause Allah, has stretched forth his hand against the wicked America to bring her down, even to dust and ashes.

church evil 1

A country whose land is full of churches and in them wickedness is practiced beyond words to describe.

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