This Is What Is Meant By…”Allah (God) lets a dying person rally before the end.”(Markets’ Reach Exceeds Gain Markets’ Reach Exceeds Gain)

This is what was meant, when we were told that…” The false show of a glorious future that the wicked is putting on is at hand. We must remember Daniel’s prophecy, that “at the end of the war desolations are determined.” But before this happens Allah (God) will bless the people with a good time, as He did the people of the past, who wronged themselves and who did not pay attention to the prophet’s warning among them. Allah (God) destroyed them. They thought that they were fooling Allah (God) but Allah (God) surprised them!  He made the people rejoice for a short time, with a show of great prosperity and at the height of their great prosperity suddenly, He destroyed them. This is the merciful law that Allah has put in nature.

  Allah (God) lets a dying person rally before the end. America is going to do the same. America will rally and people will think that she is going to have a great future, and then the end will come in that kind of time.

  America’s end will not come while she is going around with her head hanging down and with heart aching and failing because of the things that are coming on her nation. No, she will be made to enjoy good times.

  The stock market, going up, and lots of shares being sold — this makes any man think that everything is all right. But, this is only “The Lull Before The Storm.”–pgs.203 & 204(tfoa)

Markets’ Reach Exceeds Gain
(via NewsLook)

Video News by NewsLook The S&P/500 and Dow Jones touched new milestone of 1,800 and 16,000 respectively amid sweeping economic reforms in China, but failed to hold those gains in afternoon trade.

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