Because of the time, all of nature is rebelling against this world: 2013 marked by ‘record sea level, weather extremes’

  Some of you do not realize the real reason why we have climate change, global warming, ands a host of  super storms never before witnessed taken place today. I will inform you of the true reason, and will let you know that there is plenty more in store for this wicked world. God in person is present and nature is now bowing to will of the true power and super power.
  Because of the time, nature is in rebellion against this unnatural man and his unnatural global order. Nature is being set against that unnatural man to remove every hint of them and their rule from the face of the planet earth.
   As we learn here, ” How true the prophecy of Jesus, Lu. 21:25-26 concerning the present time. We bear witness that the sea and waves are roaring and that fear is now covering the nations as shown by the unusual heart failure that is now occurring among men. These are signs of the end of the present world. The sea and ocean are heaving up tidal waves to un-imaginable heights that man has never witnessed before on earth. This is another plague that is upon the wicked.

 Since the Holy Qur’an teaches that the judgment would be such that the earth itself would act as though a revelation had been revealed to it because of its perfect obedience to the Law of Allah on that Day.”–pg.212(tfoa)

Sea levels this year posted a record high, making low-lying coastal populations ever more vulnerable to extreme weather like super-storm Haiyan, the UN said Wednesday. In an interim report on the planet’s climate, the World Meteorological Organization…

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