Why is America so pre-occupied with Mars & Venus? — NASA says new deep space vehicle on track for 2014 test

With the economic crisis in America taking on new proportions and her debt basket becoming too heavy to carry, why would she invest billions into traveling outerspace? Why would you invest billions in visiting other planets for life, when you haven’t shown any worthwhile respect for life on your own planet? It just doesn’t make any sense.
  Why is she so concerned with Mars and Mercury, and Venus? 
  America is no fool. She is very aware of the time. She is scared over thoughts that life on those planets may come take her out. She should be focused on the God who is on this planet. That’s the one who is going to take her out.
  When we look carefully into her obsession with Mars, we can recognize that…”America takes a look at Venus and Mars to see if there are signs of any gods on these planets who are capable of warring with her.”–pg.125(tfoa)

The first test mission of a new deep space capsule that could one day take humans to Mars is on track for September 2014, the US space agency said Tuesday. Orion aims to replace US capacity to reach space — which ended with the retirement of the space…

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