“WARNING MUST READ!!!” The Shaking by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad 1971, then Walmart vindicates him by issuing great warnings to prepare for great shaking bearing witness to exactly what he said!!!

A general view shows the devastation as rescue workers search for victims in the rubble after the March 2011 magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Rikuzentakata, northern Japan

The Shaking


Reprinted from the FEBRUARY 26, 1971 Edition of Muhammad Speaks Newspaper

THE TITLE of this article is taken from Chapter 99 of the Holy Qur’an.

THE SHAKING, refers to what comes upon the wicked disbelievers and the
wicked world, in the Day of Judgment.

I QUOTE, to you the first five verses of Chapter 99. It reads like this:

1 When the earth is shaken with her shaking,

2 And the earth brings forth her burdens,

3 And man says: What has befallen her?

4 On that day she will tell her news,

5 As if thy Lord had revealed to her.

THERE are consistent warnings by both the Bible and the Holy Qur’an that
there will be earthquake in the Judgment.

THE earth does not have any burden, for all that the earth has is of
herself. There is no added thing to the earth which would constitute a
burden, even if we compare her ‘burden’ as being the wicked.


THE earth also produced the wicked. So, how can we say that the earth has
a burden? But, maybe the earth does have a burden which she has been
carrying and which does not belong to her— a burden that should not be
on her —- for this burden only refers to the wicked.

THE first verse prophecies of a SHAKING. “When the earth is shaken with
her shaking …”This refers to earthquake and it cannot be interpreted as
referring to the wicked.

AS the earth shakes herself, she brings down upon herself the destruction
of the wicked, upon her. The earth was not created to carry the wicked,
because the Originator, Who Created the earth, did not Create it with the
present wicked race of people.

THE white race, is a made race of people, who did not come with the
originating of the earth, by the Originator. It we take it physically
from what is said to be her burden –she originally did not have these
white people on her, even though they are made to grow out of her, they
are still an added burden upon her.

IN the fourth verse we read, “On that day she will tell her news.” What
is her news that she has to tell on the Judgment Day? Read the
commentator’s footnotes, 2786 and 2754, of the Holy Qur’an which says
that in her SHAKING, the earth brings forth her treasure that was hidden
from our eyes.

APphoto_Giant FishProbably, there is much treasure in the earth that the
scientists have not found or have not learnd about.

BUT, if we say that this may be the treasure that she holds, it would
compare to the making manifest on that Day of what is hidden in man; Man
himself did not know what was in him.

IN THE RESURRECTION, both the Bible and the Holy Qur’an prophesy of the
manifestation of us, and what is in us, whether good or evil — it will
be made manifest.

VERSES 7 and 8 of Chapter 99 refer to the good that is in man and the
evil that is in man — that on the Day of Resurrection or Judgment
although it may be the weight of an atom or less, — it will be made

THE earth quaking itself and bringing about the destruction of that which
we have built upon her surface, could be referred to as her weight. This
SHAKING not only refers to earthquake, but it also refers to man becoming
excited and fearful, somuch so,that he also is SHAKING.

IN this day and time we are having the shaking of the earth.This SHAKING
will continue until there comes a great earthquake, greater than any
earthquake that man has ever seen. The Bible and the Holy Qur’an both,
prophesy of this great earthquake.

THE Bible says that there was a great earthquake and every city of the
nation, fell. Allah (God) Desires to Make all things New, therefore, this
means the destruction of the old.

WE are having earthquakes now, in all parts of the earth, wherever the
wicked are found. lt means the end of the present world. Look at Italy,
the home of the Pope! See how Allah (God) is rocking Italy with
earthquakes and storms and with fear and excitement.

WHY are all of these things happening? It is because Allah (God)
disapproves of any god being worshipped besides Himself. The Holy Qur’an
teaches that on that Day Allah (God) Tells those who worship gods other
than Allah (God) — to bring forth whom they believe is god. Allah (God)
Must Get Rid of the false teachings and the false belief, as taught by
many people of the earth.

TAKE for example — the Christians who teach of a god who does not exist.
They say the god is in space somewhere. Then they say God is not a man.
If God is not a man then what does He Care About man’s affairs. Allah
(God) Is Very Interested in man’s affairs —- no beast and fowl of the
air, only man.

“WHEN the earth is shaking with her shaking.” This strictly refers to
earthquake. Since the wicked are living on the earth that was created for
the righteous, and not for the wicked, then Allah (God) Makes the earth
to act like a man that is burdened with a burden that does not belong to
him. It is not his burden so he casts the burden down from his shoulders.


SO, the earth must cast off her surface the burden that was not put on
her in the creation of the earth. The white race was not originally on
the earth back when the earth was created. So this four hundred million
(400,000,000) (the white race) people are not her people.

THEREFORE, Allah (God) Makes the earth to quake and beat off of her that
which does not belong to her (white race). I would not like to be one
that the earth does not want on her, because I surely wish to stay on the
earth, for I cannot live anywhere else. We must live on that which we are
part of. We are not part of any other planet other than the earth.

BE AWARE. There will be many other eartquakes.They will happen anywhere
— Illinois and in other states, cities and towns — not California,
alone. For, Allah (God) Intends to Drive the people from that area, If it
Pleases Allah (God) He Will Drive every living thing out of California
and push them back toward the center of the country.

ALLAH (God) Will Do the East coast the same way, according to the
teaching and prophesy of the Holy Qur’an, ‘He will Cast them between a
narrow place’ and they will confess that they are beaten and driven by

AS the earth SHAKES, so it will make man SHAKE. The people are entering
into a very serious fear, that will make babies grey headed.

YOU have heard of this, as the Holy Qur’an prophecies, of coming from a
distant place. All over the earth this vehement raging and roaring is
going on and it is coming here.

WHEN THE EARTH is SHAKING,with her SHAKING and the earth brings forth her
burden, she rids herself of her burden, that she is not supposed to be

THE 6th verse of Chapter 99 prophecies that at that time ‘men will come
forth in sundry bodies that they may be shown their works .. And he who
does an atom’s weight of evil will see it. Not just great sins, but just
a little sin, the size of an atom, one that you do not know that it
isthere. ‘ And, if it is as small as an atom, Allah (God) Will Bring it

SO I say to you COME FOLLOW ME, and let us all run to Allah (God) and
seek reffuge in Him, from THE SHAKING OF THIS world and its evil – doing.



to you All.


wq1I walked into Walmart the other day and walked right pass this table with items that seemed as the usual on sale seasonal items. The second time I passed it I glanced over at it and noticed that the items displayed were not the pagan traditional halloween items i thought they were. but they actually turned out to be emergency disaster preparedness items with fliers that had a shocking warning as if they were trying to warn people of a giant earthquake that is in the near future.


I picked up the flier and it read “Get ready to shake out” with safety instructions of what to do in the event of an earthquake that may save your life from destruction!!!


I turned the flier over and on the back was a checklist of crucial emergency supplies that everybody should have to be prepared for a disaster. Do not be so foolish and ignorant to think the us govt will save you when it hits the fan and panic ensues. We all know that when devastation occurs from a natural disaster, organizations like fema and red cross are very unreliable for aid and help and have been known to make a horrible situation even worse with their empty promises that are made to deceive you.

To my people, the so-called American Negro. The same man who has been warning us black people here in North America for 80 years that all of these things that was, is, and will take place is for the deliverance of  you and I to our salvation that All mighty God (Allah) who came in the person ofMFM THEM Master Fard Muhammad to whom all praises are forever due said with an oath of a promise that he would give to us if we submitted to him and accepted his religion which is our religion by nature called “Islam” which only means entire submission to the will of God, that is all we need to do to be saved from America’s total destruction that is written in both Bible and Holy Quran Master Fard Muhammad who is God (Allah) said His Greatest desire is to bring this Devil (white people) to their knees, and his aims and purpose is to Save Us black people who are His (Master Fard Muhammad’s) lost people that He Himself took the liberty of going to find. Messenger Elijah Muhammad teaches us that you cannot see the hereafter (promise land/Heaven) praying to a dead Jesus or a dead Muhammad. You need a living Jesus and a living Muhammad to save you from America’s destruction. It is the white slavemasters who teach black people to worship spirits and spooks and dead people and mystery Gods that you have no knowledge of. The reason he does that is because he know that which he teaches you will not save you and will only deceive you and keep you indirectly worshiping him for a God. The white man (Devil)  is The God of Christianity. Christianity is a whitemans religion and the God of white is for white and not for black, therefore black will never be successful as long as they worship white which is by nature their enemy. The God of black is for black and when black seeks to serve black then they will enjoy the benefits bestowed on black because The God of black who is Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, is working in the favor of Black.

“You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free” We must discard the wrongway teacher and seek knowledge wisdom and understanding from the right way teacher. God never sends more than one man to teach His people who He intends to save. The rightway teacher is Messenger Elijah Muhammad who is very easily understood as the fulfillment of that last prophet God would send to his lost people. And even those who know nothing about scripture can understand that he is God’s righthand man by offering hundreds of millions of dollars for anyone to prove just “1” word wrong. The true religion of God is today called Islam(meaning submit to God) is the one that came with the creation of the heavens and the earth which goes back beyond 76 trillion years. God or Allah never changes His religion. His mind is forever made up because His knowledge is complete. It encompasses everything because He knows all He needs to know all the way down the wheel of time. The language may change but the true meaning or understanding never changes!!! So if The whitemans crazy christianity is only 2,000 years old Elijah Muhammad has proven yours wrong and His 100 percent right, true , exact, and correct. The blackman must totally separate from the whitemans way of life and unite with Messenger Elijah Muhammad and His God who is the God of the blackman if they want be saved from the whitemans destruction!!!!

Let know man deceive you in this day and make absolutely no mistake about it MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD IS ALLAH OR GOD IN THE FLESH AND BLOOD, AND THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD IS LAST AND GREATEST MESSENGER OR PROPHET OR APOSTLE!!!  ELIJAH MUHAMMAD IS THE KEY AND HE  IS THE DOOR. We cant stress enough that the only way to be saved is to submit to the true and living God Master Fard Muhammad and follow his last warner Messenger Elijah Muhammad. Accept God’s offer to us chosen people (black people) and we will live a happy healthy life as rulers. Reject God’s offer and you will painfully suffer on a long endless road looking for a death that you wont find untill the one you rejected gives it to you in the slowest, deadliest, most painful manner. but I say fly to Allah because no where in the universe will protect you from him!!!!!

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad


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