BLACK BROTHERS OF AMERICA AND AFRICA, how can we ever become an independent people as long as the Black Man desires to be integrated into our enemy?


By  (T.H.E.M)

THE present troubled condition of White America is because she wants to
keep the Black Man with her. White America is secretly trying to kill the
Black Man to keep the Black Man from going to himself.

WHITE AMERICA is with any Black leader who will teach against the
separation of the two peoples, Black and white. There are some Black
leaders who have fallen for integration one hundred per cent (100%)
because they are in love with unalike (white race.)

BLACK BROTHERS OF AMERICA AND AFRICA, how can we ever become an
independent people as long as the Black Man desires to be integrated into
our enemy? The white man is the real one who has us helpless and is
preventing us from even reclaiming our OWN.

THE continent of Africa belongs to Black People, but white Europeans have
robbed the Black African of so much of Africa by their exercising their
white power and white authority over the Black Man’s government of Africa

BLACK BROTHER, here in America, we must unite as solid as a brick wall
which is cemented with good cement, or as a stone without crevice in it,
in order to build up a Black Nation for ourselves.

AS you know there are a hundred or more little Black leaders trying to
lead a little group. This disunity is causing confusion of the situation
of obtaining betterment for his Black self and our Black people.

THE white man of America has all of the ammunition and arms with which to
fight and kill the Black Man of America, at once. It is not possible for
us to match the white man with arms for we do not hav any arms except the
arms that the white man allows the Black Man to have.

THEREFORE, Allah (God) Forbid me to secure carnal weapons or to supply my
Followers with them. Allah (God) wants to show me and the world of Black
Man that He Has power over the material weapons in which the white man
has glorified and depends upon for his defense against man and Allah

BUT Allah (God) wants to show us that He Is The Greatest, as it is
written in Isaiah (Bible) that He made the man and He made the instrument
that the man heats in the fire to bring out as a weapon. He has power
over both the man and the weapon. He most certainly has proven this with
me and my Followers.

LET US UNITE. We cannot follow the traditional African customs and the
Guidance which Allah (God) HAS GIVEN TO ME WILL MAKE THE Black people of
Africa a new people, altogether, as it is making us, the Black Man in
America, a new people. The Message of Allah (God) gives is a new thought
and a new action.

EVERY Black Man in America who is educated or becoming educated should
think and act upon the principle of how to begin building with power and
greatness in the way of a higher civilization for the Black Man,
especially, we here in America. Black Brother, enroll in technology
schools and learn the basic knowledge of how to build.We should

learn all types of engineering. We need this knowledge now, in order to
build our Black Nation.

UNITE with me Black Brother here in America, if you want to make a future
for your Black self and Black kind. Sit down and think it over. Compare
what I am trying to do for the Black Man in America with what you are
trying to do. See if you can find a comparison there. I do not think that
you will be able to make a comparison.

WE must accept our responsibiity and do something for self. We must get
up off our knees and stop begging to do for us that which we can do for
self. Begging will ever keep us a slave to others.

YOU are wasting money trying to do something which will lead you and our
Black People right back into the shackles of slavery to the white man.
CONTRIBUTE YOUR dollars…..monies…to this Work that I am doing. It
will come back to you with a great profit and respect of the nations.

WE see that white America does not want to help her Black once-slave to
go for self. White America tries to make it as difficult as possible to
ever be able to free ourself from her. White America cannot make you
equal in everything with her because the white man is the owner of the




Somali’s London envoy censures UK for halting money transfers

Somali’s ambassador to London has condemned the UK government for ordering Barclays Bank to halt trading with remittance firms in Somalia, thus adding to serious humanitarian problems back in the African nation.

Ali Abdullahi blamed Foreign Secretary William Hague for failing to take the problem “seriously enough”, saying that millions of Somalis who receive money through relatives working abroad would lose their sources of income by the apartheid decision.

Barclays has been the last major UK bank to provide money transfer services to Somalia, sending an estimated £1.5bn to the country each year through remittance companies. However, it has stopped the procedure citing the government’s concerns that the money could fall into the hands of terror groups such as al-Shabaab.

“I hope the UK government will make Barclays understand the seriousness of the situation and how important this is to the Somalis who rely on their family for money. Stopping it will push them to desperate measures… at least keep the operation transparent so we can monitor the money”, Abdullahi told The Independent on Sunday.

Barclays claimed it has made the decision before the attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya, which was claimed by terrorist group al-Shabaab. It cited a £1.2bn fine imposed on HSBC earlier for being abused by Mexican drug cartels for money-laundering, claiming that the decision was made to protect it from any penalty.

“Barclays are not worried about the humanitarian repercussions… for them, it’s purely commercial”, said Sulekha Hassan, the director of the Somalia SOS charity.

She warned that halting remittances was contradictory to British foreign policy, and could be used by al-Shabaab for political gain. “We don’t want to give these people an inch in a country that is still fragile,” she said.

Dahabshiil, one of four Somali money transfer firms, filed a case for an injunction before London’s High Court. It was adjourned for a fortnight last week and Barclays said it will wait until 15 October to stop payments.

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