This is why Messenger Elijah Muhammad said we must unite and acquire land of our own!!!


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1 What we must understand today is the importance of acquiring land of our own. We are no longer a mere handful of people. We are a little better than 22 million in population and still increasing.

2 We cannot forever continue to depend upon America to give us a job, send us to school, build our houses and sell us her food and give nothing in return.

3 American was not established and chartered with constitutional guarantees for the Black man but for the white man.

4 American was not founded to guarantee the freedom and equality of the Black man and woman and, indeed, she is not seeking to grant these privileges to our people today.

5 In what other country on this earth will you find 22 million people within the framework of another people’s government seeking to become qualified citizens joyously singing the song of integration? Our people are the fools of the nations. Integration means self-destruction, and the means to this end is exactly that — death and nothing less.

6 The Black people throughout the earth are seeking independence for their own, not integration into white society. What do we look like trying to integrate with our 400-year-old enemies? The average so-called Negro wants to change his own flesh color and blood for a strange blood and flesh.

7 In order to build a nation you must first have some land. From our first generation of slaves to the present generation of our people, we have been unable to unite and acquire some land of our own due to the mental poisoning of our former slave-masters, who destroyed in us the desire to think and do for self and kind.

8 Do you as educated and professional men and women desire to be recognized forever as the mental slaves, beggars of white America?

9 Today, the international conception of honor, pride and dignity is not concerned with individuals within a country but is rather concerned with your work and value as a part of an established nation.

10 In order to be recognized today you must represent your nation. We must understand the importance of land to our nation.


 (malay mail)

WASHINGTON, Oct 3 — The day after the US government ran out of money, Maria Njoku called her landlord to let him know she would be late with the rent. Like hundreds of thousands of civil servants, she is worried about how she will make ends meet after being placed on indefinite unpaid leave as a result of this week’s government shutdown. “It’s a huge financial burden,” said the 27-year-old, who works at the Pentagon as an information assistant. –

Her landlord told her late fees will be imposed if she fails to make the next rent payment by October 11.

But a deeply divided Congress appears far away from any deal to fund government operations for the new fiscal year, leaving Njoku and other government workers in a financial bind.

Watching the news for any glimmer of hope, Njoku is counting on an end to the deadlock in the next few days.

This would allow her to receive a paycheck and cover her $1,300 monthly rent for her apartment in Greenbelt, Maryland.

And if the shutdown drags on? “I have to find something for myself, either get a second job, find something on the weekends to pay bills — if it comes to that point. I’m hoping it doesn’t.”

Njoku said moving back in with either of her divorced parents is not a practical option, as both of them have been furloughed from their jobs at the Internal Revenue Service.

Even before the shutdown, morale was deteriorating among the Pentagon’s civilian workers.

Budget cuts have forced more than half of them to take six days of unpaid leave earlier this year, with another round likely on the horizon.

“Right now, I’m just pretty much disgusted,” Njoku said of Washington’s politics.

In the meantime, she was in an anxious limbo, reluctant to go out to see friends with the prospect of no paycheck. “It’s hard to make plans. You don’t want to spend money.”

Some of the 800,000 government workers on furlough staged a protest Wednesday in front of the Smithsonian Natural History museum to vent their frustration.

They wore green T-shirts with the words, “I’d Rather Be Working for You,” as tourists walked by the museum — which is closed under the shutdown.

“I’m very worried about it,” said Cheryl Claus, an employee at the Agriculture Department who took part in the demonstration.

“I have financial obligations that I need to meet and there’s no end in sight to this shutdown and we don’t know when we’ll be paid again,” Claus said. “It’s very frightening, it’s very frightening.”

She and other civil servants said they feel they are being singled out for punishment.

“We’re very upset that Congress is not doing its job, not passing the budget, and is still getting paid and we’re not. So we feel frankly quite victimized by it.”


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