She knew for a long time that her exposure was coming…US default could be ‘catastrophic’: Treasury

America runs to and fro seeking a way out, but she does not try to justify her Black slave for justice and equality among the nations of the earth. This is the seed of her problems. No justice for the people of God. Without this problem being rectified or sincerely addressed, there will be no peace nor longevity of wicked America.
  This is the price for her injustice towards her ex-slaves. Her budgetary problems will only intensify. This is being done in the open and the nations who once envied her position ,are now laughing and making mock of the once great prosperous super power, America. …” Pharaoh’s hatred and injustice to Israel, in Egypt, in the time of Moses, should serve America as a warning; but she has fallen head long into the throes of the destruction of Allah (God).”–pg.161(tfoa)

The US Treasury warned Thursday of a disastrous outcome if Congress’s refusal to raise the country’s borrowing ceiling forces it to default on obligations. It said that the fallout could include returning to a recession as deep as that of 2008-2009,…

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