Tricknology 101: Dow, S&P 500 set record highs after Fed keeps stimulus, but don’t believe the hype!

The die is set, with a foolish people, who like, in the time of Noah, could not see the sign of the rain, bringing on the Flood even after the clouds began to darken the sky. They did not see the on-coming rain until it actually started to rain.

 So it is with America. The devil sees that his time is up, yet he is so full of  deceit that he manipulates his money markets to fool you into believing that he still has a good future and that everything will soon be alright. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! They are lying.

  She is fooling you, trying to keep you from recognizing the work of God which is in progress in the midst you. America is dying. God is killing her with a constant intense death. Before He takes her completely out, He will allow her to rebound.

  You may ask, why? It is because of the way He set things up…”Allah (God) lets a dying person rally before the end. America is going to do the same. America will rally and people will think that she is going to have a great future, and then the end will come in that kind of time.

  America’s end will not come while she is going around with her head hanging down and with heart aching and failing because of the things that are coming on her nation. No, she will be made to enjoy good times.

  The stock market, going up, and lots of shares being sold — this makes any man think that everything is all right. But, this is only “The Lull Before The Storm.”–pgs.203 & 204(tfoa)


Dow, S&P 500 set record highs after Fed keeps stimulus (via AFP)

US stocks soared Wednesday to all-time closing highs after the Federal Reserve left its huge monetary stimulus in place. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 147.21 (0.95 percent) to 15,676.94, 18 points above the previous record set on August 2.…

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