The situation in Europe is explosive…Protesters, police clash in Greek anti-fascist demos

What constantly been touted as the seat of modern civility, is engulfed in division and despair. All across the continent of Europe, the same continent that has promoted itself as sane, civil, modern, enlightened, and humane…this same continent is under rioting and rebellion.
   They are divided just as they haves  divided Africa, Asia, and the other areas of the world. Remember this…As thou hast done, so shall it be done unto thee. This is the time wherein these words going into fulfillment. They must taste the fruits of their own labor.
  The entire world of the anglo is in enraged. They see their culture, their way of life, their world, and everything they have held dear to them being stripped and taken from them.
   They are losing their way. Their wealth is no more. Their sway over the earth is no more. Their economic clout is in decline. They are angered at the very thought of losing what they have come to feel that they are entitled too.
As prophecy teaches us, and we can clearly see it happening for ourselves, “The angry nations refer to white America and Europeans, who are also enslavers of the Black man. Take for instance the part that England, Belgium, German, France and Italy have all played in the enslavement of Black Africans and Black people throughout Africa, Asia and here in the Americas (North and South America).   There is no such thing in the nature of white people as justice and freedom for Black people; especially not for Blacks in the Western Hemisphere. Now their anger is running them mad and they are attacking and killing each other. There is no such thing as peace among them, nor can they produce peace for others. The Holy Qur’an refers to this condition as the kindling up of hell (Chapter 81:12).

  Never before have you witnessed the evil that is preaching far and wide every hour of the day in America and Europe;”–pgs.217 & 218(tfoa) 

Protesters, police clash in Greek anti-fascist demos (via AFP)

Protesters and police clashed across Greece on Wednesday as thousands demonstrated against fascism following the murder of a leftist musician by a suspected neo-Nazi. Police fired tear gas at protesters in Athens, the northern city of Thessaloniki and…

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