Dow scores triple-digit gain, Apple drags down Nasdaq…How on Earth is this possible?

The news coming out is painting some good things about and American rebound in the markets and in the economy. Tell me this. If America’s trade deficit jumped top new highs, and if joblessness is no long regular news, it is a plague which is destroying America…and if her fiscal problems have become worst…how can the markets be happy?
  Are they rigged? You know it! With more people living on food stamps, and more homeless than every before, this signals that what is going on is deeper than what market news tells us.
  Just use common sense for a minute. Her fiscal deficits continue to explode while the government remains divided and prosecuting wars of aggression that the nation cannot afford. Her bond markets sales are close to nothing. This means that investors are leaving the bond markets which in essense funds America’s government budget.
   Then you look at her unfunded liabilities. Wow! Her debt is somewhere between 70 and 300trillion dollars. How in the world can the markets believe that she will be able to pay off her debts?
  She is now resigned to market manipulation to try to continue the farce. It won’t last, but Allah is allowing her to dig her economic ditch that much deeper…”The false show of a glorious future that the wicked is putting on is at hand. We must remember Daniel’s prophecy, that “at the end of the war desolations are determined.” But before this happens Allah (God) will bless the people with a good time, as He did the people of the past, who wronged themselves and who did not pay attention to the prophet’s warning among them. Allah (God) destroyed them. They thought that they were fooling Allah (God) but Allah (God) surprised them! He made the people rejoice for a short time, with a show of great prosperity and at the height of their great prosperity suddenly, He destroyed them. This is the merciful law that Allah has put in nature.

 Allah (God) lets a dying person rally before the end. America is going to do the same. America will rally and people will think that she is going to have a great future, and then the end will come in that kind of time.

 America’s end will not come while she is going around with her head hanging down and with heart aching and failing because of the things that are coming on her nation. No, she will be made to enjoy good times.

 The stock market, going up, and lots of shares being sold — this makes any man think that everything is all right. But, this is only “The Lull Before The Storm.”

 And the Bible warns America of what happened before her.”–pgs.203 & 204(tfoa) 

Dow scores triple-digit gain, Apple drags down Nasdaq (via AFP)

US stocks closed mixed Wednesday, with the Dow surging sharply higher and Apple dragging down the Nasdaq after its iPhone launch missed expectations. At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 134.24 points (0.88 percent) at 15,325…

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