How close is Allah(MFM) and His Messenger(THEM)?


By Elijah Muhammad

Allah and His Apostle are considered submerged into one.The Apostle is considered one in Allah and Allah is one in the Apostle. So, when you look at one, you see both; when you hear one speak, you hear both, because they both are as one in their agreement!!!!

You will never know anything about Our Lord and Saviour Master Fard Muhammad, The Allah whom the Messenger taught us of, unless you pay homage and learn from The Messenger of Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad! He is the Only one who met with God face to face and is as close to Allah as His own Jugular vein and Messenger Muhammad said that Allah is making me(The Messenger) into Himself. The Holy Quran says obedience to Allah is obedience to the Messenger, and vice versa and the Will of Allah is the Will of the Messenger and vice versa!


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