Why not try Islam?

noi flag 2By Walter x (Starks)    Reidsville, Ga.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has been trying to get the Black man of America to stop trying to be other than himself, and accept what is rightfully his which is Islam The nature in which The Black man was created. Yet so many of our people hear and reject. You accept anything that will prove nothing to you. Why not try Islam?

THE BLACK MAN has been in America over 400 years. We have been stripped of the knowledge of self. our religion, (ISLAM) and our God, (Allah). We that accept Almighty God, (Allah) and follow the divine teaching of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad have found peace in Islam and we are willing to stand up anywhere and tell the world that there is no God but Allah.

You reject that which is yours without even looking into the facts to find out what Islam is all about. You reject because the devil or white man says so. Many of our own people are saying that we are teaching hate just because we seek the knowledge of ourselves, our religion, and our God, whose proper name is Allah. Everything you have tried has failed. Why not try Islam?

I was reading the other day where a group of so-called Negroes in Elwood, New Jersey claimed to be Jewish. The paper stated seventy (70) Negroes attended the services each week, sitting in black and white chairs. This was suppose to symbolize brotherhood for the black and white people.

Our People are in a pitiful condition and are willing to accept that which will hurt them. You look forward to integration hoping that some day you will be equal with the one that has caused you to be in the condition that you are in. Why don’t you join onto that which is yours, which is Islam? There is only one qualified leader for the so-called American Negro and He is  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The little man from Sandersville Georgia, who with the help of Almighty Allah has worked so many miracles for his people. All Praise is due to Allah who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad!

During the past their have been many so-called leaders for the American so-called Negro. Yet none of these so-called leaders accomplished anything for their people other than false integration, and it has, and is still making each of you other than what you really are, which is a righteous Muslim. You have tried everything else. Why not try Islam?





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