This has global implications — S.African gold miners go on strike over pay(The black man is reaching for self)!

Whether you understand this or not, this latest move in South Africa, has huge implications. This threatens to blow the lid off of the resource and labor exploitation that is done in Africa by white own companies. The people no longer want it any more. They are reaching for self independence and rejecting that old way of doing business of former colonial powers.
 I say bravo to those who are demanding more money and better conditions. I say bravo to those who are bringing international attention to the exploits of those white supremist companies cyphoning off the rich resources of the African continent.
  We knew that this was coming. We told you to look out for it. You see, “The white race has been disgracing the entire Black nation of the earth. Africa is suffering under the same wicked power of the white race and having an awful time trying to rid herself of such a demon. She will do so – and soon.”–pg.83(tfoa)
  This is the time for the black man to rise globally and this he is now taking steps to do. The time has come for you to realize that white rule and their way of doing things are being challenged everywhere…”With the end of the rule of the white race over the Black people of earth in sight — face to face — we have to deal with each other according to the actual facts which exist between the two nations (Black and white).  With the nature and desire of the white race to continue their rule and subjection of the darker people even though the white man recognizes these facts, he will continue to try holding onto his rule; his subjection; his thinking of what he has acquired under such rule — that which is his and he cannot give up the prey — his concession — the merchandise which he has exploited out from under the noses and eyes of the real owners (Black man).

  He is willing to shed the blood of his own people and that of others to hold onto that which he calls his legal possessions the spirit aroused in the Black man says, “NO” — that the continent and what is on and under its surface belongs to him and his people (Black nation). This spirit and knowledge is now not only confined to Africa and Asia, the Black, brown, and yellow people, but it actually is now arising in the American so-called Negro, the true lost and found brother of the Black man throughout the earth — whether it be Africa or Asia, he is the brother of them all.”–pg.184(tfoa)

 S.African gold miners go on strike over pay (via AFP)

Thousands of South African gold miners went on strike Tuesday after wage talks broke down, a union said, threatening to cause millions of dollars in lost output in the troubled sector. Powerful labour group the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) –…

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