Their is no such thing as a specific time for death! The way we live kills us!

Elijah gives lifeA righteous person can live as long as he want to live. Their is no such time for us to die. We kills our selves, so He taught me. We used to say, “well uh that was just the time that God had prepared for me, I couldn’t go by it. You prepared death for yourself, by not knowing how to live. Death comes in the absence of life. Death comes when we invite death, by eating the wrong foods such as pig, which contains enough poison pork worms in just a square inch that is capable of killing you. by drinking the wrong liquid such as spirits or alcohol, which is known for causing liver cancer and many other diseases.”

The Devil or white man has made us liars, gamblers, robbers, deceivers murderers,peace breakers, and mischief makers like himself. But the difference between us and them is that the white man was made by nature of evil. So he is successful at living an evil life. He robs every thing from land to natural resources to even people. He has murdered and prosecuted every righteous prophet, and  never faces penalties or suffers consequences for the crimes that are committed at his hands. This is his evil wicked game therefore he will always win.

Living just a mustard seed of this Devils way of life  guarantees great loss and  swift death for The  black man who is one that  is created by nature a righteous being. Therefore he has no chance of winning when playing the devils game. A black persons life can be in serious danger while pointing  a gun to the sky, shooting warning shots in the air, not hitting anyone, and get 20 yrs. in jail.  While a white man can walk up on a innocent black teen and shoot him in cold blood, and get to go home the same night with gun in hand. A black man tries to steal food to feed his family he gets years on top of years in prison. The Devil steals billions in fraudulant  ponzi schemes and is to big to jail. When a black man sells a small oz of drugs he gets buried under a prison, while the white man who is has secured poppy or drug fields in Afghanistan is the largest drug dealer on the planet and gets to live a rich life, dependent on narco money. The white man loves evil and hates good because he is the God of evil and the Black man is the God of goodness and righteousness. Messenger Elijah Muhammad teaches us that every righteous person is a God, and every evil person is a God. You are what you know. Our environment shapes our character just as much as our DNA. This is why Elijah must first come before God with the real truth of God. That is the truth that makes us free and is designed to undo what the white slave master has done  to us black people. What did the white slave master do to us black people Muhammad? Ans… Made us mentally and spiritually dead. What did Elijah Muhammad do? Ans… He gave life to the dead. How did he do it? He blew on those dry bones or he taught them a pure knowledge of self, God, and the enemy(Devil).

Do righteousness and the devil will flee from y0u!!! During the Devils time of rule We use to say “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The devils power to rule ended in 1914. So today when our God who is the God of the black man whose proper name is Allah who came in the Greatest person of 1 Master Fard Muhammd to whom all praises are forever due… We say “You should know the truth and the truth should make you free “. The answer to our problem as taught by Messenger Elijah Muhammad who received it from the mouth of God is Separation. You say… “Separation from what?” “Sheesh did you miss the first few paragraphs or were you not paying attention” I know its hard for us to part with our money so the least we could do is $PAY attention!!!! If your still curious about what we black people need to separate on rinse and repeat or re read this article!!!! ALLAH U AKBAR to infinite and beyond!!!!!!

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