America continues to divide Asian brothers — North Korea accuses South of ‘agitation’


war_games455First, we know that America holds the power in the US/S.Korea relationship. We also know that there hasn’t been any South Korean government, since the Korean war, will full independence from American dictates and policies.

The US even controls and has any final say on any military action the South may want to employ. This being said, this means that North Korea’s grudge is really with America. So in words, the crisis between Asian brothers, is actually American policies of divide and conquer.

     North Korea accuses South of ‘agitation’

North Korea says the South Korean president’s recent insistence on “firm security preparedness” amounts to “an agitation for extreme confrontation.”

Pyongyang’s denunciation came on Tuesday, a day after South Korean President Park Geun-Hye said that his country’s army should be ready for any circumstances, despite a recent easing of tensions with the North.
“No matter how peaceful things are, a crisis would come if we forget about war. It is very important to ensure firm security preparedness in any circumstances,” Park said on Monday as his country started its annual joint military drill with the United States.

North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea immediately condemned Park’s remarks, saying, “(Seoul) should clearly know that if they continue to pursue confrontation, inter-Korea ties will go back to the worst point, entailing uncontrollably catastrophic consequences.”

According to South Korean Defense Ministry, the annual so-called Ulchi Freedom Guardian drill, which was launched on August 19, involves more than 80,000 South Korean and US troopers.
North Korea has repeatedly condemned such exercises as ‘provocative war rehearsals’ by Seoul and Washington.
The two Koreas recently made an agreement on the resumption of operations at their jointly-operated industrial park in the Kaesong border area, which was shut down by Pyongyang after the United States and South Korea held military exercises in April.
Washington flew US nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers over the Korean Peninsula during the drills. North Korea, in response, threatened to attack the US mainland with nuclear weapons and to enter a war with the South.


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