All across America we can see the hand of God working through nature.


untitledAll across America we can see the hand of God working through nature. We see the hand writing on the wall. The fall is certain. Nature is in outright rebellion against America to lay her low.

She never wanted you, her ex-slaves, to know that God has visited her to force her to let you go. She tried her best to cover up the visit of God in person to we, the lost and now found people of God. She knows that nothing good awaits her.

She has reached the end of the road…”She never desired for the slave to know too    much of what was in store for her, because of her enslaving and mistreating her slaves. She has reared them for the past 400 years — and she knows them. She knows how they think and how they react to her teachings, and she knows their fear of her. She knows her slaves, but the slaves do not know America — their slavemaster.”–pg.199(tfoa)

…”As the Holy Qur’an prophesies to us, “you will hear it coming from distant places with vehement raging and roaring!”

 America is best all around now with troubles and destructions which have happened. America thought that she was immune to the troubles and destructions which are going on in other nations.

 Now the same trouble and destruction that you read of as happening in other countries and to other nations — these same troubles and destruction, with their evil and gruesome sound, are knocking on the door of America! “–pg.257(tfoa)

 Southeast hit by double-whammy of above-average rainfall

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