Cancer-causing arsenic retained in chicken meat – FDA: What we need is total separation from people who by nature poison food & people for profit.


chickens2 What we need is total separation from people who by nature poison food & people for profit. We need to unite and go to the government of America and demand a separate state or territory for ourselves. America owe this to all descendents of former slaves.

As long as refuse to go for self we live at the mercy of a merciless enemy hell bent upon commercialization and domination. We must have freedom in deeds and not just in words. A separate territory would provide us what others have. That is a chance to live in peace and go for self under righteousness.

We also need farmland. We need it in a hurry as the devil continues to go after us to experiment on us and kill us through our food and water. If we had a separate territory, we would be able to safe guard our water and food ,thus securing our lives.

Look at what this devil is doing with food…

 Cancer-causing arsenic retained in chicken meat – FDA

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Photo: EPA

After a year of dismissing the issue the FDA finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the United States does contain doses of arsenic – a highly poisonous cancer-causing chemical lethal in high does. Arsenic is reported to be added to the chicken feed purposely. According to the FDA’s own report, the arsenic is originally added to the bird feed later ending up in the meat that is sold in stores. In other words, the Americans who purchase regular chicken are forced to take dangerous amounts of arsenic along with, significantly increasing threat of developing cancer.


 Before the very recent study was conducted, the presence of the arsenic in the product was denied both by the FDA and the industry, with the explanation that the poison that had been fed to the birds actually was disposed of with the chicken feces. However, there was no scientific grounding for that claim.

 When the evidence became so undeniable and solid, Roxarsone, one of the chicken feed brands, was withdrawn off the shelves. Interestingly enough, the company which produces the Roxarsone feed is called Alpharma, LLC and is a subsidiary of Pfizer – a major pharmaceutical company.

 Though Alpharma made the decision to pull its product off the shelves across the country, it says it is not going to do so in other countries unless specifically ordered to.

 AP reports, “Scott Brown of Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division said the company also sells the ingredient in about a dozen other countries. He said Pfizer is reaching out to regulatory authorities in those countries and will decide whether to sell it on an individual basis.”

 With the arsenic-polluted feed removed from the stores, the FDA still stands its ground in protecting the product. It claims the amounts of the poison are too small to seriously harm the human system, at the same time admitting arsenic is a carcinogen, that is, cancer-provoking substance.

 The National Chicken Council is on the same page with the FDA, too, claiming the arsenic-fed chicken are safe to eat, not denying arsenic was fed to birds across the US.

 Surprisingly, along with the fight for the arsenic-filled chicken, the FDA at the same time is raiding elderberry juice manufacturers accusing them of selling “unapproved drugs. It also goes after raw milk and natural herbal products. In other words, it assures it is safe to consume arsenic, but raw milk or elderberry juice will kill you.

 Voice of Russia, Infowars

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