(Video included)Police & Prejudice: UK cops accused of using same racist stop-and-frisk that NY police use


pics-image-4-900062109-157927 The UK uses the same tactics that her wicked daughter, America, uses on her ex-slaves. It is a shame in this day and time, especially when both empires and nations were built upon the free labor, blood, sweat, and untold sacrifice that both brother black groups have given and have received nothing but contempt and hatred in return.

Doesn’t America carryout these same policies? Isn’t there a great uproar over the stop and frisk policy in New York? Why are these two nations implementing the same policies against a similar group of people?

Are they modern Babylon? Babylon is used as an example for some distant people or their history. According to the prophets, this name Babylon is something that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. It is found throughout the entire Bible; therefore, we must not look at it as one personal part. We must not look at it as spelling out to us the ancient only.

 In Jeremiah, (Bible) we see a daughter of ancient Babylon. He calls the people “the daughters of ancient Babylon.” These people are not the old parents, but they are the daughters from those parents.

So these actions by these two wicked nations against their black prey, justifies us saying that…” A careful observer or seeker of truth of the time and history    being made in these times can easily see how well the history of ancient Babylon, its rulers and its people fits in with the histories of the rulers and peoples of America and England.

 America’s enslavement of the so-called Negro and England’s enslavement of people fit so completely with the history of ancient Babylon that it cannot be denied that the ancient history of the Babylonian empire and people was prototypical of America.

Police & Prejudice: UK cops accused of racist stop-and-search

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