Global Military Madness: They are preparing to nuke God!


"The Chokes On You" - Mad Magazine (illustrated by Ron Cobb)They have prepared and are preparing for war with the supreme of beings. Though it is an insane notion which has not the slightest possible chance of succeeding, these insane people who were given six thousand years to rule, refuse to go quietly in the night and allow another one, who’s time it is to rule, to come in without a fight.

We are on the threshold of universal war. That’s right, Universal war. Why? Because this crazed people who have ruled the entire earth for 6,000 years, have pushed their corrupt and evil ideas universally.

We see them polluting the land. We see them polluting the sky. We see them polluting the water. Even now, they are polluting our food…our culture, and we see them now polluting the atmosphere above the earth ,and even further, with their satellites and weapons of war.

The American & European people want to deceive the the black nation into believing that Allah (God) is not paying attention to them. The white man wants them to believe that he is the god that they should pay attention to.

 I warn my people who believe in the idea that the white man is the god they should pay attention to. You will come up the loser.

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