UFOs India-China border: Army allegedly sees UFOs in India


UFOs India-China border: Army allegedly sees UFOs in India



UFOs spotted at the India-China border are making headline news this weekend. On Aug. 18, UPI reported that the Indian army has been seeing strange objects — which they believe are UFOs — for the past several months. No photos have surfaced and there has not been any concrete proof that the objects seen in the sky are indeed UFOs, but with more than 100 reports of sightings, many are now curious.

According to the report, researchers believe that several of these sightings were actually of planets Jupiter and Venus. Evidently the time given for the sightings coupled with the location suggests that people might have actually been seeing something else in the sky — something more explainable.

UFOs near the India-China border are becoming quite the talk today — and that’s no wonder. As you can see in the video above, the CIA recently confirmed that “Area 51” was real. Talk of otherworldly things has become increasingly popular over the past few days and now some fanatics are really focusing on these “new” reports of possible UFO sightings.

While people claim to see UFOs all over the world, the fact that “several” have (allegedly) been seen in one particular location. This could mean that people are seeing something else in the sky that happens to appear around the same time of day — like another planet or maybe even an airplane.

Do UFOs exist near the India-China border or do you think people are seeing something else?

Source: www.examiner.com

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