The collapse: It will be swift & painful!


The white people of America are neither, blind, deaf, nor dumb to the fact that America, once the land of their power and refuge, is readying for a total, sudden, and devastating collapse. They are not ignorant to what is going on. It is you, the so-called negroes ,who are blind to the end of American power and wealth. Everything is being stripped from her.

She is being forced to set in the dust of poverty just as scriptures had prophesied she would. In these words it was written…”A prophecy relating to America is mentioned in Isaiah (47:1) as a “virgin daughter” of ancient Babylon’s history. As we all know, America is the last, the greatest and the richest remaining power of the white nations. But now she is falling and the prophet Isaiah says, “Come and sit down in the dust,” humble yourself, for you are no more called delicate.”–pg.135(tfoa)

But we must be reminded of and, “We must not forget how we are warned by prophecies for one hundred years and for one thousand years that an end must come to his world.

  The rulers of this world must be removed and the crown must be taken off and placed upon another head, and they will rule in justice and righteousness.

  The people of this world have now become so wicked and so fearful of the consequences of their own rule until the almost thoughtless vision is gone, and fearfulness has taken hold of the people.”–pg.192(tfoa)

Your Future: “We Are Now at a Point Where the Crisis Will Happen Almost Overnight” *Micro Doc*


With individual Americans underwater, unemployed, and on the edge of complete disaster, the future for millions is looking bleak.

This is an accelerating trend… one that touches all of our lives directly, no matter what income category you’re in, educational background, or political affiliation. This trend will alter your own job, business, and everyone around you.


It’s over. There is no fixing this mess. We are looking at either a planned reset, or a reset that will arise from the ashes of an economic disaster.

We are now in a situation where the global economies depend on an unsustainable amount of debt…

When it all ends it is going to end badly.

Every business will be affected.

The middle class is one crisis away from broke… We are now at the point where it will happen almost overnight.

The latest micro documentary from Future Money Trends explores the critical nature of the situation in which we find ourselves and provides key strategies that can help you depression-proof your life for the coming decade and beyond.

Watch: Your Future

(Watch at Future Money Trends)

It is going to end badly – for a lot of people. Now is the time to position yourself to thrive in an environment that will undoubtedly leave countless lives in utter destitution.

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