By Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s deeds ye shall know him!!!


“What right do you have not to believe in the religion of God and your own people?  what right do you have not to believe? It unites you with your own people and makes you a better person. Take these brothers here who probably use to drink liquor and beer and gamble and what not, look at them sit up here as ministers now. You dont see them doing that anymore look at these sisters out there who was very wild, look at them now walking around looking like angels and they are angels. If what Elijah’s teaching makes a better person then Christianity then how do you say that he is teaching something other than good. If good works is following his teaching then you can not say that he is teaching something other than good. If he makes a person better than you can make one then you can not say that he is misleading the people. If I take a drunkard out of the street from the corner store and teach him and he wont drink no more and he go to yo church with a bottle of liquor in his pocket you cant stop him from drinking. Then alright, who looks like he’s making a better person out of the people you or I. If I finds a girl out their in the street that is a prostitute and I take her and teach her Islam and that she become almost a virgin alright and you cant do it in the church then am I teaching the people wrong? or are you teaching the people wrong? Those that I get out their say they was once members of the church. Alright if I take one out of the streets there who use to  gnaw on hog bones and eat pig tails at dinner time and his beans and greens and I tell them that the book says here that the bible and the holy quran teaches that you shall not eat that flesh and we Muslims dont eat it and he fixed right away, and he been eating it and sacrificing it in the church, boiling it right in the basement of the church. And also he has been cooking it and selling it in the church. Well now he wont even touch it. Well is he following the teachings of the bible more rightly or you that is eating it in the church. The bible teaches you Thou shall not even touch the carcass of that animal. Not only to eat it, but dont even touch it. Now alright then if you are right by breaking the law of God and we are right by obeying the law of God then who is right??? Think over theses things!!!”

We must separate from this white man and his way of life and unite with Messenger Elijah Muhammad and his God Master Fard Muhammad if we want to live because if we dont we will suffer total destruction!!!

By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

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