(Video included)“We Can’t Survive on $7.25″…and soon you want have that!

These words are starting to take on a new meaning for those of you who once ignored what we were telling you about the job and pay situation here in America. Give an ear and know this…”Black Brother, do not look for a high paying job drawing a big roll of money, after the war, unless with the help of Allah (God), you    prepare this for yourself, which I advise you to do. The most dreadful divine judgments that have ever been witnessed by man are now coming on America. “–pg.232(tfoa)

“We Can’t Survive on $7.25″ (via Moyers & Company)

Fast food workers in seven U.S. cities are walking off the job this week in what organizers say is the largest strike in the industry’s history. The wave of protests began Monday in New York City, where workers earning as little as the federal minimum…

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