This is the day of battle & war–Magnitude-5.7 earthquake strikes western US state of California


earthquakeI ask you…” Is America any better than the people we read about in the history that God destroyed? No, she is not as good. These people were not as wicked as the American people.

 Earthquakes can destroy towns and cities instantly. America is in the grip of divine judgment. America is in the position toward her once slave, so-called Negro, as Pharaoh was with Israel as his slave. She is in this position because of the injustice done to the American so-called Negro slave, brought to America over four hundred years ago, and refuses to let them go free.”–pg.158(tfoa)

earthquake2Earthquakes are now again to be recognized, touching America lightly — but
nevertheless they are here.

Magnitude-5.7 earthquake strikes western US state of California

A magnitude-5.7 earthquake has struck the US western state of California and felt in two other states, but reportedly leaving no injuries or major damage.

The Friday night tremor was centered near Greenville, about 25 miles southwest of Susanville in the extreme northeastern part of the state, and only broke dishes and shook mirrors, according to the US Geological Survey’s (USGS) National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado.
Several aftershocks were reported in the state, including one measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale that struck early Friday morning.
According to the nation’s National Weather Service, only slight damage has been reported, namely falling object from shelves and rattling or broken dishes.
Moreover, thousands of people reported feeling the quake, as far away as the San Francisco Bay area and across the borders into the States of Oregon and Nevada, according to the USGS website.
A local TV broadcast further reported that the temblor was felt in downtown Sacramento, about 145 miles south of the epicenter.
Susan Shephard and her husband Alan Shephard, who live very close to the epicenter near Greenville, said they were watching a TV show when their entire building started shaking.

“All of a sudden things started falling off the shelves, mirrors fell off the wall, vases fell down to the floor, everything started crashing,” Shephard told the Redding Record-Searchlight. “It felt like the end of our world.”

The state’s Susanville Fire Department said it had received no reports of damage, and a Plumas County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher added that calls were flooding into its office but no damage was reported.

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