He can no longer help himself nor carry his own, so why do you believe that he will be able to carry you?


gov. furlough2Judgment has come to you America. This, you can no longer deny. Your day is just about done and you are suffering fallout over your judgment. It is everywhere!

The Bible prophesies of the plagues that would come upon America — and these
plagues are falling on America now, and yet she will not repent. For America
continues to kill and deprive the Black once-slave of righteousness and justice.

gov. furlough The white man of America is not blind and ignorant to what is going on. It is you, the so-called negro, the ones whom God is after to place you on top, who are the blind ones. He has known these prophecies of his doom for a long time.

A great attempt is now being made on the poor, lost found, so called Negroes to
deceive them. He is trying to act as if  he illbe able to continue his rule. He is trying to fool you against your own salvation in his day of destruction.

eviltroubleHe can no longer help himself nor carry his own, so why do you believe that he will be able to carry you? This is absolutely foolish to be thinking in this manner in this day. Infact…”He has his own problems of unemployment, with the ever-increasing unemployed of his own kind fleeing from Asia and Africa, plus the loss of foreign trade.

 Can we hope for him to care for us and our children forever? No! We need a place on this earth that we can call our own, and go to work and produce our own needs; and this will provide us with employment for our unemployed. Let no man deceive you; we are face to face with a change of worlds.”–pg.119(tfoa)

 115000 federal employees forced to take unpaid leave


Several  federal agencies have shuttered their doors Friday, opting to take  department-wide furlough days to reach the cuts required by  sequestration.


The  Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development Department,  Internal Revenue Service and the Office of Management and Budget have forced all  their employees to simultaneously take unpaid leave. Overall, about 115,000  federal employees — or more than 5 percent of the workforce — are not working  Friday.

While the  agencies remain closed, some employees still had to report to  work.


“People that are  required to keep the building running” will be in Friday, said Jerry Brown, a  HUD spokesman. He added there are always people on call in case of  emergency.


A call to EPA’s  headquarters was answered, but an operator said the agency “is closed due to  sequestration,” though some off-site contractors — such as the operator — are  still working. OMB set up a voicemail to warn callers of its  closure.


“Due to current  budget constraints resulting in a furlough, we are not in the office on Friday,  May 24 and not available to take your call,” the message  said.


A note on IRS’ website warns taxpayers looking for refund information that online services will  be unavailable through Tuesday, May 28, due to “several factors, including  scheduled maintenance.”


Friday is the  first of five planned furlough days at IRS.


“Due to the  current budget situation, including the sequester, all IRS operations will be  closed on those days,” the IRS said in a statement. “This means that all IRS  offices, including all toll-free hotlines, the Taxpayer Advocate Service and the  agency’s nearly 400 taxpayer assistance centers nationwide, will be closed on  those days. IRS employees will be furloughed without pay. No tax returns will be  processed and no compliance-related activities will take  place.”


Colleen M.  Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union — which represents  IRS employees — said the furloughs will have a deep impact on IRS  workers.


“Losing 10 percent of your pay in a  single pay period is no small matter,” Kelley said in a statement, “especially  when you face the same rising prices for necessities that are affecting your  friends, neighbors and community.”


With Memorial  Day falling on Monday, May 27, the unpaid day off offers workers a four-day  weekend. Kelley said this is of little consolation,  however.


“NTEU would have  preferred that employees have the flexibility to choose their furlough days to  account for personal needs, such as day care arrangements or financial  considerations,” Kelley told Government Executive. “However, the IRS made the  decision to close before Memorial Day for operational  considerations.”


For EPA  employees, this is first of four departmentwide furlough days, but workers must  take 13 in total. At HUD, all seven furlough days will close the entire agency.  OMB will force 480 employees to take 10 unpaid days off.  govexec.com




President Barack  Obama signed an order on March 1 to implement $85bn in spending cuts, a move he  described as “dumb” and “arbitrary” and that he blamed on the intransigence of  Republicans in Congress. The Guardian


The sequester  emerged from the refusal of House Republicans to raise the debt ceiling in 2011  without significant deficit reduction. In response, the two parties agreed to  the Budget Control Act, which cut domestic spending over the next 10 years by  about $1 trillion. NY Times


Nearly 4 in 10  Americans have felt the pain of automatic spending cuts, according to a poll  released Friday by ABC News and The Washington Post. The Huffington  Post


Most Americans  across the political spectrum disapprove of the cuts. Fifty-nine percent of  Democrats, 54 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of independents oppose  sequestration. The Huffington Post

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