Today’s show on “The Star & Crescent Report”


    –As always we are happy and thankful to be able to bring you the undiluted truth of God(in person) as delivered by His Last Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad(PBUH). We thank all of you who would give and ear to listen. We thank all of you who are everyday listeners.

    All praises are truly due to Allah. We are removing at a breakneck pace. Today’s show will be condensed. It’s duration will probaby be around 40 to 60 minutes. 

   The reason for this is as we have told you about the land issue. My wife and i have acquired a little land in an effort to show you what we need to do without delay or excuse. We have a deal closing on the land around 11am-2pm.

   Again we say …Allah-u-akbar! P.S…more archival replays will begin tomorrow morning!!!!!

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