Witnessing one of the branches of The Armed Forces of God in action…Winter storm sparks deadly Iowa car pileup


The hand of God in person can be seen in the intensification of the forces of nature. In this day and time the entire world is in His grip of power and we are watching an awesome display of unrivaled and unparalleled power.

The forces of nature cannot be subdued by missiles or warplanes. These weapons are nothing compared to nature. America and the Western world are getting a taste of it today.

You will see the increasing destructive path laid out by the Armed Forces of God. Believe me, you will submit willingly or unwillingly, but one thing is for sure….regardless to your desire, you will bow to God’s purposes and aims.

A winter storm plowing through the US Midwest caused several deaths in Iowa and Missouri due to car crashes as the weather snarled highways and canceled hundreds of flights at Chicago’s busy airport, according to authorities and local media.

(Source: Reuters)

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