US after taking control of Venezuela’s resources: Analyst

An analyst says the United States is seeking to wage an “economic war” against Venezuela in an attempt to take control of its gold and oil reserves.

“They [the Americans] are after our resources, but we are not their colony. We are a sovereign country, and an independent country. We believe in the people, in their work, in the solidarity of the people, in what people can give, in their education. We are a great country but the empire is trying to take away what we have and we are going to fight for it,” Egle Sanchez, the president of the Venezuelan Graphic Workers Federation, told Press TV’s Face to Face program.

“We want other powerful countries such as the United Sates to understand that we are not just their backyard lackey that needs to be controlled … We are a region of resistance, especially Venezuela, that has decided to be free. So, we are no one’s colony and we want to be allowed to govern ourselves and we want to be left in peace because we, the Venezuelan people, … will not give away our resources, our oil, our gold, our dignity, our thousands of minerals and our gas to the North Americans,” she said.

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Alkhair40 minutes ago
Long live Freedom. Long Live Venezuela.
Joke1 hour ago
Make Venezuela Great Again
fupi matata2 hours ago
Congratulations Venezuelan for waking up,not to get. Sucked up by imperialist
Anita Lajoie2 hours ago
viva venezuela
Defender3 hours ago
They certainly do not care about the people of Venezuela, look how they treat their own Americans!!!
Reni Sentana-Ries3 hours ago
If there is anything the United States Government must yet learn, it is the fact that ALL nations are sovereign, and sovereignty must be respected among equals, and that includes sovereignty over other nations’ natural resources.
Fighting wars against nations to steal their resources for the benefit of huge corporations is a crime which must end immediately, beginning with Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, African nations, and not in the least VENEZUELA!
The U.S. has enough natural resources for the supply of her own needs, and does not need to steal those belonging to other nations and their people!
And should it be found that U.S. oil supplies have run low for her own needs, then there is always the avenue for the exploitation of many overunity inventions which today are effectively kept from the people for the financial security of big oil companies.

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